Bulletproof Acne

Although I still get a little bit of acne just doing cacao butter I for sure break out more when I add butter or even Ghee :(
Are there any digestive enzymes or other supplements any of you would recommend to fix this? (Think someone mentioned to me previously that HCL would be a good one)

P.S. - I'm doing a parasite/colon cleanse soon and am hoping that will help. Sauna also helps a little but this is very consistent for me and do not want to give up adding Ghee to my morning hot cup of coffee.


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    Very intriguing, do you eat any grains?

    The only way I could see ghee causing acne (if it truly is the culprit) is by damaging gut lining and the ability of the stomach to digest food properly for the rest of the day. Ghee should be 100% protein and lactose free and from what I understand acne = problems with stomach, mine is always worse from wheat. Perhaps the coffee is damaging your gut too much (drinking the coffee too fast, already beginning with a weak digestive tract/not enough bone broth or healing foods for digestive system, low stomach acid maybe?)

  • Thanks for the reply Greentrees sorry for the delay on my response.

    I have a clean diet. Eat almost all organic, almost 0 gluten except for the rare cheat day. (like once every other month) . I've been doing bentonite clay masks and sauna and that seems to be minimizing acne. Also taking daily HCL and digestive enzymes. Wondering if my body isn't fully digesting the fat. I do have some acne when i cut out bulletproof coffee in the morning but it is much more reduced than when i do have it.

  • Don't rely on diet to cure acne. It's a complicated problem , diet is just 1 variable...

  • Any home based remedies that can help me out with acne ?

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