Bulletproof coffee and Juicing at same time

​I have been reading about bulletproof coffee and purchased my first stuff for it today.
I have been juicing for 22 days. First 10 days, 98% strict and then the rest I have added a few healthy non juice items in and the occasional cheat and shock the body.

My question is: Bulletproof coffee and juicing; can they be done at the same time successfully?

If so, how do you recommend?


  • Well, juicing removes fiber so you can be left with a lot of sugar in your drink, depending on how much fruit is in your juice. So, it defeats the purpose of Ketosis and energy from fat if you take your butter and juice at the same time.

    I would say save the juice for later in the day if you're doing BP intermittent fasting; also try green smoothies (blending) instead of juicing.

    I'm not well versed on the pros/cons of juicing, but it's less compatible with BP's low-sugar approach compared to blending.

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