Elysium Basic, Hoax Or Worth Trying



Stumbled up on the http://www.elysiumhealth.com/basis which have anyone tested or have thoughts about it?



  • Was wondering the the same thing. It keeps popping up in my Facebook feed. Anyone have any knowledge about this or NAD in general?

  • I've been taking NAD supplementation for about 3 months now.   Its really just what you believe in.  Tests for lab animals show positive results.  Will it do the same for humans?  Most likely but do you want to wait 100 years for human studies to show results before trying?


    I'm sure many people will ask how I feel after taking them.  I don't feel anything, but then again I've never felt anything from any type of supplements other than coffee or prescription drugs.

  • Bumping this up. Any more thoughts or commentary from those who have researched and/or tried?

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    Elysium's Basis is made of Nicotinamide Riboside a precursor of NAD+ an enzyme involved in cellular communications among some other things. It also contains Pterostilbene an antioxidant similar to resveratrol that mimics many of the beneficial effects of caloric restriction.

    You can buy both independently for half the price, the packaging of Basis is closer to perfumes than supplements so there is some added vale to the packaging that gets passed onto the consumer.

    A Biologist who never worked as one.

  • Below is a link to a recent update from Elysium. They claim success in clinical trials.

  • Curious if there are any other users here - I am going to give Basis a try. I tried to find cheaper options of the two supplements separate but, the decent ones are the same as Basis. if anyone uses it and has cheaper alternatives, I'm all ears because apparently the same US lab makes the Nicotinamide Riboside however the Pterostilbene portion is often knocked off (from China).

    Need all the help I can get!

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    The main ingredient is created and manufactured by one company chromadex so all supplements use the same stuff, only difference is the amount you're getting. Most recommendations I've seen call for 250 mg per day and the research I've read says the benefits don't change much after 1000 mg per day so no sense in doing mega doses. Each Basis cap is 125 mg and you take 2 each day.

    I tried Basis for 2 months and found myself tired, so I stopped but I'm going to try it again next month to see if I feel the same as before or different. It has great PR and good people behind it but results are still coming in. I've also read a couple of articles recomending taking it for 30 days and then taking 3 days off before you take it again but I can't remember where I read it.. lol

  • I've done a 6 month trial of BASIS, but have not noticed any results. Also, no discernible changes in my blood work or glucose readings on a daily basis.

  • Thanks - I looked into purchasing the two different supplements contained in Basis separate (b/c like you said, I also read that Chromadex makes all nicotinimide) however, when you get them separate, it's about the same so figured might as well only have to take one pill a day.

    Will give it a few months and then see how it goes. I'm starting supplements in general and am doing the ones that most recommend so may not notice the individual ones.

    Momof08 - I wonder through if there is cellular changes that are not altered on blood work. I mean who really knows with all this stuff.

    Thanks for sharing though.

  • I have taken Elysium for three years (still taking), but can't really say I have seen any improvement. Earlier this year I went one month without taking in the morning and noticed no cognitive or physical changes.

  • I must apologize first for the Siri typos, I’ve upgraded to iOS 11 and I have trouble with the keyboard locking up a lot. So it’s happening again now. I hope it makes sense! Please let me know if I can clarify anything for you later thanks here goes

    My father is taking Alecia bases 2 in the morning 2 at night along with 20 mg of a PQQ and also co Q 10 as ubiquinol. He also is taking bulletproof MTC about a tablespoon three times a day and the combination of all those things has had an extraordinary affect on him in very positive way. His memory was getting to the point where it was only good for about three to 4 seconds, something like Dory on a good day. Now his memory is almost back to its normal, sharp witted and aggravating, thank God for that! I started taking PQQ and ubiquinol and elysium Basis as well. Another thing I’ve noticed after a year of his taking it is it is skin has improved and the broken capillaries under his skin that used to turn his arms black have stopped happening completely. I’m working up a whole document/blog about this because the results are so extraordinary that I want to make sure I can share it with as many people as possible. I’ll keep you posted but in the meantime I couldn’t say that combined with a few other things Elysium basis helps to build strong mitochondria and that is essential to help the metabolic function especially in folks in their 80s

  • Basis is a slow poison and you won't notice its affects unless you take it for long time.

    I have been taking Basis for some time now and I have started to get anxiety for small things which never used to happen before. I have completely stopped taking it, though I don't know if I will be normal again. I didn't see any difference in sleep or waking up more refreshed/energetic.

    I do know that Elysium people will do anything for money. I had taken yearly subscription, but after I started feeling too much anxiety, I asked them to cancel my subscription and refund remaining money. I also offered them to charge individual purchase rate for the months, they have sent me the Basis, but they flatly refused.

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