Keto Detector and Other Breathalyzers for Measuring Ketones

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the Ketonix and blood strips for measuring ketones. Has anyone tried the Keto Detector ( ) or other cheap breathalyzers? I am curious how accurate they are, and any experience or thoughts would be really appreciated.



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    I just bought one (paid $30 on sale) and the jury is still out. I got it one day after a trip where I'd eaten some carbs. The unit came back 0.0 consistently. Then I had a day of clean keto eating and that evening I saw a reading of 0.3 (they say you will be looking for 0.2-0.8). I fasted that night and morning and it read 0.0 in the morning (how can that be?). I then had less than 35 g of carbs yesterday and it's still reading 0.0. Since I have nothing to compare it to, I can't tell if it's the unit or not. But I'm not really trusting it and doubt it will be of much use to me. The company has been very responsive to my queries and says they are willing to replace it if it's defective, but I don't know if it's even worth it to me to ask for a refund and have to pay to send it back (we haven't gotten to that point yet).

  • I figured it was probably too good to be true. I was just hoping to for a cheaper alternative to Ketonix or expensive blood strips

  • The reviews sounded pretty good, so maybe I have a lemon - or am simply not in ketosis even though I'm pretty sure I am. At least, since you have some other means of measurement to compare it to, you could tell if it was working or not. Might be worth it in your case.

  • I think maybe I have a lemon. Tonight, after a day with 6% carbs (20.8 g), I finally got a reading of 0.2. Twenty minutes later it was back to 0.0.

  • They are sending me a replacement free of charge. Hopefully the unit really was defective and not me!

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    Update: the replacement does seem to work better than the original one they sent me. At least, I'm getting ketone readings much of the time. There will still be an anomaly where I'll test positive one time and then I swear nothing has changed and 10 minutes later I get all 0's. But I'm playing around with it and may be testing too often or something. Again, since I have no tester to compare it to, I can't say how accurate it is, but if it does keep working relatively consistently at least to itself I think it will be worth the price. I'd love to try the super-expensive one to compare, but I doubt that will happen any time soon. :)

  • Now that I have the Keto Detector up and running and it seems to be working, I have learned some things (keeping in mind that my sample size is still quite low so things could change over time). I seem to often wake up at 0 ketones, though this morning I tested at 0.2. My BPC does seem to put me into ketosis, but it doesn't show up for some hours. BPC works better than protein and fat for my breakfast.

    This is from yesterday:
    Got up at 7:30. Tested 0 for ketones.
    Had BP coffee (butter and BO oil, Sunny Day vanilla, stevia) at 11:20. Tested 0 for ketones.
    Went to Jazzercise, had about 2.5 oz of nuts.
    Did a bunch of errands
    Got home at 3:00. Tested 0.3 for ketones (i.e., in ketosis)
    At 4:45 tested 0.3
    Had another BP coffee
    Had roast beef, lettuce, and BP avocado dressing for dinner
    At 6:00 tested 0.3
    At 9:00 tested 0.3
    Had whipping cream mousse w/xylitol
    At 10:30 tested 0.3
    At 11:00 tested 0.3

    6% carbs, 87%fat, 7% protein

    Interestingly, the day before I had meat and mayonnaise for breakfast but still 0 carbs until after lunch, then had some nuts and then cauliflower for dinner (in all 6% carbs, 72% fat, 22% protein), and I didn't test positive for ketones at all.

    And the day before that I had 0 carbs (not even nuts) until dinner, then had 3 oz of steamed snow peas with meat and butter for dinner (a total of 7g of carbs for the day, 3%), and I went out of ketosis after dinner. That type of day isn't sustainable for me anyway.

    So I don't know if I just haven't been on BP long enough (started mid-June), or if I'm particularly sensitive to carbs, or if the meter isn't reading properly (but now it does seem fairly consistent with itself at least), or what. I'm not losing weight or inches like I had hoped to, but I do feel lots better than before BP and have no cravings for starches or sugar. I have not been doing carb refeeds because that day bounces my weight up and it takes 2-3 days to get back to where I was. I sometimes do protein fast days and keep calories low that day. It'll be interesting to see what the meter reads the next time I do one of those.

    Any ideas/analysis/suggestions would be appreciated!

  • Update: I'm definitely liking this little unit and am finding it useful and motivating. Now that some time has passed I am finding myself in ketosis starting in the morning and lasting throughout the day. It seems I can tolerate a few more carbs than I feared, managing to still produce ketones even after having about 10-15% carbs for the day. My weight is also dropping (slowly). The new BP shortbread snacks and bars seem to help keep my ketone numbers up too.

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