Converting to bulletproof: Very lean, fatigue, and brain fog

Good afternoon,

I am considering converting to a bulletproof diet combined with daily fasting (bulletproof coffee in the morning) and one protein fast each week. I’ve followed a paleo/keto approach for the last few years.

I’m doing this because I’ve been suffering from fatigue and brain fog for the last few years. I’m a former crossfit competitor that is very lean (around 5% bf). I’ve had extensive blood work done to check for adrenal fatigue, digestive issues, and other deficiencies. My blood work shows nothing negative aside from a b2 and iron deficiency.

I’ve cut back resistance training to 3, 30 minute bodyweight circuits, 2 gymnastic classes, and 1 rock climbing session per week.

I wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone really struggled with fatigue and brain fog. And hopefully to get some recommendations on how to improve it. Specifically when it comes to eating bulletproof, training, and sleeping.

I apologize if this is to broad of thread.


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