neurofeedback options - the good, the bad, and the ugly


Glad to have found this forum (thanks van der kolk and google). I am looking to invest in bio/neuro feedback to re-train my brain due to possible developmental issues due to abuse, etc as a child. I am looking at these options (I live in London, UK):
(I am complete newbie, background in computer engineering)

  1. buy a really really cheap machine -> some $200 headset
  2. buy a really cheap machine -> open bci cyton - 16 channels (with brainbay). Is this a good option? can it do qEEG and HEG? Will I, as a newbie be able to handle this?
  3. buy a cheapish machine (just the basics from q-wiz and cap, etc) - for EEG and HEG - hopefully, again, as a newbie I will be able to operate it? Atleast this way I can do a treatment everyday
  4. buy a really expensive machine - Signature Combo Package Pro from brain train -> again qwiz, but with TQ7
  5. go to a professional and pay as much as a really expensive machine - arnd $5000 USD for 40 sessions; again here what is the difference between the different machines? One clinic touts they have a 19 sensor machine with Loreta 3d imaging (same as 40YOZ?); while the other clinic says they have a 4 channel machine and it is just as good as the 19 sensor one because the brain can only handle so much at a time.
  6. Buy a 20 sensor machine + equipment + software = 8,000USD+? --> not an affordable option, but I would sell my car if I had to if this was really worth the money

Any thoughts, suggestions, tips would be appreciated as I want to make sure I am comparing tomatoes with tomatoes, and if one of them is a golden tomato then I go for that - as there is so much lingo involved I am not able to compare the true benefits of each option.

Appreciate your help.


  • nothing? guess this forum is not that active in this area of interest :-(

  • After my research the neurooptimal looks sub optimal for my needs. Especially considering you are forced to pay for a computer you don't need that. am leaning towards qwiz which will give me total control and flexibility.

  • Howdy

    I found a therapist that is NF student. So I'm able to get sessions for $100 each. I also am willing to sell my car. If I need too. Sadly the professionals don't understand what my life has been like up to this point. I'm also thinking about getting an HEG to supplement my weekly sessions. I wish you luck.

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