KetoPrime vs. Unfair Advantage

Has anyone had experience with KetoPrime and/or Unfair Advantage? I'd like to start taking one (both?). And like to understand what the differences are and if it's really either or depending on outcome? Looking for weightloss and better mental focus. Thank you!


  • I love Unfair Advantage, I'm taking 1/day most days, 2/day if I really need to get shit done that day. I've just recently started trying Ketoprime; I'm persuaded by the arguments in favor of OAA supplementation, but I've yet to really notice any subjective difference.

  • (So I'd really be interested in others' views on that too.)

  • I've been using Unfair Advantage and really like it. I haven't actually been taking it regularly; I just use it before giving a seminar or other times when I need mental alertness. If I'm particularly tired or foggy I'll take one about 2 hours before the event and another maybe 30 minutes before.

    I recently tried KetoPrime. Unfortunately, that was kind of a disaster. I've used it twice and each time found myself with extremely strong sugar cravings a few hours later. Both times I actually ate some candy, which I hadn't done since starting BP early this summer. So I'm fairly gunshy about trying that again!

    One thing, as long as we're on this thread: anyone have any special techniques for getting the last bit of goodness out of the Unfair Advantage capsule? I suck on it, squeeze it as best I can, and sort of chew on it. Once when I did that the flat end broke open and some of the last drops actually came out, lol - but cutting with a scissors the next time didn't seem to help. Any tricks will be appreciated! :)

  • Any updates on KetoPrime Vs Unfair Advantage?

  • i've found Ketoprime more effective than Unfair Advantage. I find unfair advantage has little to no effect on me. any reason why this may be ... ?

  • anyone know how safe ketoprime is ?

  • If you hold the opening under the faucet and gently squeeze it a few times it will pull in some water, once it is about half full shake it vigorously and dispenses. If you do that 1-3 times you can get most of it out this way without having to cut it open.

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