am i doing something wrong?

Just bought BPC and using an aero press. Here is what I do...get a cup of hot water from my Keurig 2.0, put the BPC in my aeropress with the paper filter, use it the non upside down method (yes the non upside down method), put 2 table spoons of kiwi grass fed butter into my vitamix, 1 table spoon brain octane, the coffee and blend for 20 seconds on medium speed, then pour it but it's all foam and I don't notice any difference. I had my first BPC the other day, then again the next day and I got plenty of energy from it at a health food bar for $5 a cup.

I just started keto a week ago aswell.


  • the paper filter will tend to absorb some of the coffee oils, and flavor, but in the big picture its good. I am really liking it. BP coffee, with the MCT oil has risen on my total calorie food list, its also at the top of my fat intake list. Not surprising. I am glad I am using the best coffee, grass fed local butter, and Brain octane oil.

  • I use brain octane oil only.

    I figured out my problem...IT WAS THE KEURIG WATER! Bought an electric Blender at Crappy Tire, a metal pour over with a metal filter as well and now it's looking right.I use the pour over method instead of the Aero Press. Might buy a french press 1 day and try that out as well. Now I'm looking to try adding Callogen and Mocha to my BP, might buy some MCT Oil and test that out instead of Brain Octane oil. Maybe I'll try both? 1 tablespoon each, but start at half a tablespoon each. Keep testing and improving.

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    Not sure if you're doing the aeropress right based on what you wrote... you want to set up the aeropress, put in the coffee grounds, pour in hot water, then press it out into a cup or into the blender. At that point you have plain black coffee. Pour that black coffee into your blender with the butter and oil, blend, then drink and enjoy.

    If your water is not hot enough, the coffee will taste weak. You can get better tasting coffee with a metal filter in the aeropress. You can also play with the grind of the coffee beans - I use a very fine grind with mine and it extracts very evenly.

    You can use the non-upside down method or the upside down method - either one will work fine. Many people like the upside down way because it gives them better control over timing and how long the coffee grinds are in contact with the water.

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