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  • Does taking them take you out of fasting mode?

    Also, does taking them at bedtime/at the end of the feeding window help with sleeping?


    I went for a hike this a.m. and felt a bit queasy.  I wonder if I need to add more butter to the bpc or something if I'm gonna workout before breaking the fast?

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    I doubt BCAAs would take out out of fasting mode and if they do it wouldn't be for long and the benefit of stopping any muscle wastage offsets it. It's part of the supplements used in the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol, so it definitely has it's uses. It'll take someone with more knowledge to explain all the chemistry and biology behind it.




    I use them every morning before and after training during my fasting window. 6g before, 6g after.


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  • Hello,

    I see a lot of talk about BCAA and the BP Coffee regime but, I don't see any answers.

    I workout in the morning from 6am - 7am and usually take a BCAA after that.

    I just started the BP Coffee and want to know if it will ruin my fasting window if I take the BCAA around the same time I drink my BP Coffee?


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