Exclusion Zone Water

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Can humans make their own exclusion zone water with every drink by swishing it around in their teeth for a time? I always swish cold water until it warms mostly for digestion reasons though also for throat sensitivity (to avoid congealing oils and butter in throat) and rinsing between teeth. It would be awesome if it also created exclusion zone water naturally.

Similarly, does swishing Bulletproof Coffee effectively work like Oil Pulling? Bonus?!


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    I don't think swishing water in your mouth would make EZ water, but it's possible.

    You can do oil pulling with brain octane or just plain coconut oil. I wouldn't do it with coffee - at the end of oil pulling you're supposed to spit out the oil so that whatever it pulled out doesn't get back into your system... and that would be a waste of good coffee.

  • https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/08/18/exclusion-zone-water.aspx

    It's just that any H2O put under pressure begins to create H3O2. Vortexing water does as well such as in a blender. Changing the direction of the vortex may further. Thus, why it makes sense that swishing water in your mouth should create some according to current testing. Possibly, if you do it in sunlight more. If humming specific frequencies more and perhaps if grounded even more. According to all I just read it makes some sense.

  • Oil pulling uses oil to lubricate objects between teeth for removal. Brain Octane Oil is the most viscous, penetrating oil I've ever encountered. It gets through thick plastics, wax paper, rubber seals and absorbs into skin like no other. It has to work better for oil pulling than any other oil for that reason. I'm only unsure as to wether the oil's acidity will effect the teeth. I can tell you that if you have esophageal pepsin reactivity syndrome (silent reflux) after a bout of acid reflux that Brain Octane oil will further distress those pepsin inflamed tissues.

    Stomach acid should be able to deal with any rotten pieces of meat etc that are swollowed and shouldn't cause a problem as long as you don't have a leaky gut.

  • I always swish cold water until it warms mostly for digestion reasons

    It reminds me of the Chinese teaching “drink your foo, and eat your water.” Back when I would deliberately chew my food 30+ times a bite, my digestive system was functioning very optimally. Maybe I should go back to doing that.

  • Yes, I too am trying to eat more slowly and chew more. I heard or read that they’ve proven, while chewing we create specific enzymes to better digest each bite and type of food. It’s my new philosophy that chewing simple foods, one at a time, would better allow the body to recognize each type and better create the appropriate enzymes. Conversely, eating very complex foods with lots of ingredients would seem to hinder that mechanism. Further, chugging down a blended smoothie would not allow any time for enzyme creation. I’m considering using chopsticks in order to force me to slow down.

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