The Medical and Scientific evidence to enlighten naysayers

This is going to sound like a heavy duty task, but it would be much appreciated. I'm currently facing ridicule and obtrusive attitudes from my parents and family regarding aspects of the 'Bulletproof Diet'. Despite the extensive evidence I have presented from the Bulletproof Website and books like 'Good Calories, Bad Calories'. My parents, who are both doctors by profession (in England) and you may have thought reasonable human beings, adamantly refuse to accept any shift in the FDA approved food pyramid paradigm. Admittedly I have been rather ham-fisted in my argument (being a neophyte) leading to the general rhetoric that you all probably know very well (e.g. 'eat in moderation') and have even been accused of 'food conspiracy theories' and being 'fanatical', which is frankly insulting. The one thing that they seem to always demand is where the evidence to support my 'claims' is - in particular eating lots of 'grass-fed butter' and high levels of healthy fat. I would be overjoyed if anyone could provide the listings (and links to) the scientific experiments and medical citations to do with the key paradigm-shifting components of the 'Bulletproof Diet'. If you could get a large collective of well-acclaimed doctors who agree with these that would be fantastic! As well for my little brother, who wants to be a professional rugby player, names of any pro-athletes who follow the Paleo or Upgraded Paleo diet.

(On an extremely personal note, the recent podcast about Alzheimer's I thought would help bring them about, as my Grandad died from Alzheimer's a few years ago and the fact that Mary T. Newport is a Doctor. However, I think this may cause unintended emotional stress and may not fully convince them.)

I frankly want to blow them out of the water with how substantial the evidence actually is, and it would also make it much easier to 'correct' other people in time if I had a folder containing all these references. As apparently, sorry Dave, the word of an "internet troll from Canada creating a trend" is not enough to base your health on. To which I replied "nor is it sufficient to base it on the same group of people who fluoridated drinking water, recommended a lobotomy for a headache, and consider pizza a vegetable", unfortunately, I think this undercut my argument a bit. I also came out with the gem, when asked how can I know that it is working, "I just feel better", at which they scoffed.

I feel like described in Podcast 9 with Linda Bernardi of being at the butt-end of an uncomfortable truth (my parents are both around 50 years old and possibly mentally unwilling to change) and generally doing things out of the ordinary usually provokes idiocy to spout acid. They claim I'm gullible, I would very much like to show that they are misinformed.

I'm sure many people who are shifting to the 'Bulletproof' way of life have found things like this equally as frustrating and will find a listing massively useful.

As a final note, Dave, the work you have done for your 'hobby' is nothing short of amazing, and including the rest of the Bulletproof Executive team, I hope this becomes mainstream knowledge in the near-future.

Thanks for everything!


  • Hi Eddie,

    That's a frustrating situation your are in, especially due to the actual profession of your parents. It's hard enough convincing parents, let alone parents that are stuck in their way doctors.

    Remember, you are in charge of your life, your beliefs, your actions, not them. We all (well, most) love our parents, but there may be a time when they don't actually know better, even if they are doctors. I can tell you that after being on the diet, and feeling awesome like I feel and like you mention, I won't be going to any "traditional doctor" any time soon. I want a doctor that actually does the research to understand what Dave is talking about, as opposed to one that just thinks they are right because they said so. And if they truly believe pizza should be counted as a vegetable, then they have drank too much of the government forced kool-aid.

    My suggestion to deal with them is to not bring it up, and just go about your merry way following the BP diet as you wish. the better you feel, the more you do, eventually that will show, and maybe they will notice. But even if they don't, sometimes you just can't change deep-rooted beliefs, and that's not your burden.

    Good luck!

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