Near Infrared Sauna Diy Approach

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I'm preparing a DIY build of a NIR sauna. Maybe some of you have done similar so I'm posting this thread to get some feedback to possibly improve the design. Maybe others new or already into NIR saunas can also benefit from tips & tricks on the subject..


I'm gonna snatch the basic approach from "Long Life Sauna"..

So wooden structure with inside fully covered with reflective insulation (Reflectix or similar). Some wood will produce off-gassing but if the inside of the structure is fully covered with the alu insulation choice of wood shouldn't be a problem I guess.

Here's some info on the insulation:


1 (1,5) person unit with the possibility to be used by 2 people - if you know each other well ;)

Going for 9x 150w bulbs instead of less 250W bulbs. Bulbs are cheap and 150W should spread the heat out more evenly.

I see Philips and GE recommended different places - anyone with a tip here?


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