Consistent Stomach Pains After Eating, Need Help!

For the past couple months I’ve been having irregular stomach pains after I’m eating food (especially after a large dose of bulletproof coffee in the morning) and has gotten progressively worse to the point that it happens almost anytime after I eat.  I don’t attest this stomach pains to an overdose of MCT because I’ve cycled it out of my diet to test if that was the problem.  The weirdest thing about this problem is that I can easily solve it via consuming a carbonated beverage after eating.  It seems to clear up any digestive problems that I may have previously had.  So my question to you guys is, do any of you have any inclination as to what is going on in my body to cause this?  Could this be a symptom of a leaky gut?  Is it a digestive problem?  Any input would be appreciated!


Stay Bulletproof!


  • I'm very new to the forum and found this post because I'm having the same problem. I didn't have major issues getting used to MCT oil and started off with 2 tbsp mct and 2tbsp butter in my coffee from day one. I have one cup in the morning around 9am, another cup at around 1pm, and then have a small meal at 6pm. I have stomach pain as well, a burning sensation, indigestion, discomfort, and sometimes nausea after I eat. Taking Enos effervescent granules also helps. I'm thinking it's probably heartburn/indigestion, but this feels different. I'd really appreciate any help or advice on how to handle this. I'm three days in, starting day four and I feel pretty good for the most's just the eating that gets me down. Would a small high-fat meal like olives and cheese solve the problem? Right now I'm doing either eggs or meat and green veggies or salads of some sort.

  • Hey Emeraldgreen21, I would suggest looking up some Apple Cider Vinegar recipes. Its harsh on its own or in water but there are some great recipes out there. Sounds like your PH levels are out of balance. ACV can help lots. Some people don't have the enzymes, stomach acid or even gal bladder support they need. Takes time to get everything balanced.

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