Tired during games

Hi all,

First time poster. I'll try and be as descriptive as possible and I appreciate any help or advice that may come my way.

So I compete at a semi professional level. Train 3-4 times per week and play a game at weekends. I play football (soccer). I mix this with some light weight training during season.

I have a good diet, eat well, good portion of carbs, proteins and fats. I increase my carb load towards game day and I get plenty of good hydration. I tend to not eat too much sugars. I take plenty of supplements, b12 etc for energy also.

I feel great and full of energy for training training but sometimes (maybe every second game) I feel very tired early in the game. It's not aerobic as I'm not short of breath, my muscles just feel tired and weak. I get the burning sensation.

I can't put it down to nutrition as I know I eat well and follow our nutritionist diet plans. It's not overtraining as I don't feel fatigued after sessions. It's purely during some games.

Anyone have any similar situation, I've had my bloods taken so it's nothing like that. I can't get to the bottom of it, I've even tracked what I do before every game and it doesn't really make sense why some games I feel great and others I feel tired. I'm 28 btw so it's not old age either haha


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    Thanks for the response Jason,

    Height is 184cm, weight is 84kg and roughly 30 protein, 30 fats, 40 carbs. Maybe the day leading up to a game I'd go 20 protein, 30 fats and 50 carbs

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