Inflammation Questions - Are eggs and oatmeal ok?

Greetings – Inflammation Question please...
I am I the process of weaning off the infamous SAD diet and going to a more alkaline diet. I want to get healthy and I am wrestling with RLS since coming off opiate use in early January. Praise the Lord for very little withdrawal symptoms but I have picked up the RLS and insomnia. I read where inflammation is the root cause of my RLS hence the reason for wanting to get rid of my inflammatory causing SAD diet. So my question is I would like to continue to eat for part of my morning breakfast routine 2 eggs or oatmeal. Egg IF rating is -62 while the oatmeal is -42. If everything else I eat has a good alkaline and a positive IF rating will eating the eggs or the oatmeal mess me up in the inflammation area? Thanks.


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