Detoxing Hero's !

Hi everyone! New to the BulletProof Forum!


My name is Ridge! Qualified REPS Registered Personal Trainer and would like to hear the amazing experiences from doing Detox's?


Id be very interested to hear about peoples life changing changes they made during a detox! 


  • Personally I believe detox should be a "slow" event.  Intermittent fasting daily, with healthy, good tasting BP friendly food choices are what keeps things flowing in the right direction.  After years of trying all kinds of "fads" for detox, which I believe only "clammed" my liver up....I've relaxed and healed my relationship with food to find myself in a much healthier place.  No overindulgence and also no deprivation is the key to keeping relaxed and allowing the body to function at a premium level. 

  • Have you heard of the 7 Day Raw Detox? I think its the best Detox made because its about eating Healthy Vegetables and Fruit, no starving yourself. All good food and exercise!

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    Hi Ridge, who did you qualify with out of interest? I did mine with HFE and now write for them as well.

    As for detox, I have to agree with Parker. Slow and steady, there's never any point in punishing yourself, it's not fun!

    Writer for HFE

  • Someone told me onions and ginger are powerful natural detox. Is that really true ?

  • i did a apple juice and liver cleanse diet once. the apple juice was meant to keep energy levels up. kept crashing from the fructose. worst fast i ever did.
    best fast i did was a 3 day no water no food. nothing.

  • I read on a website by the name of zovon that apples help in detoxing metals and food additives that accumulate in the body over time. Further asparagus is the natural diuretic that helps in liver drainage.

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