Allergic reaction to MCT oil.

I have use capsule form of MCT oil and decided to save money by ordering the large bottle of liquid. I used it for a while, (a tablespoon in my coffee every morning) and stopped. I began using it again and soon had a large bumpy patch at the base of my neck and toward my shoulder. It took me a while to make the connection. It cleared up some and I used the oil again to see if that were it, and it flared up again, as well as another spot on my stomach. I quit using it, but after 2 weeks, still itching terribly, mostly at night. I've been using Benadryl cream that helps. After looking up more about this, I noticed another person was eating nuts and feels the oil made her allergic to them. I had been eating cashews, that I've never been allergic too, all this time. I'm not sure if it was just the oil I became allergic to or it made me allergic to cashews, which I hope not, but right now, I'm just trying to get rid of this itching.


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    I do not do well with MCT oil AT ALL. It makes me have the runs, and have intestinal problems. I would even say your allergies might be from disrupted gut bacteria, but it also could just be that you're very sensitive to coconut, which I am. I have talked to people who had these kinds of reactions, so you're not alone. I would skip it and focus on butter, olive oil, eggs, avocados, bacon, and tallow for your fat.

    There was this one guy I met who was new to the BP diet, consuming tons of MCT oil, who suddenly had no ability to digest any foods except spinach and zucchini. So he got new food sensitivities from the change in his gut. Just an observation, but it is one of the expressed benefits of MCT oil that it kills gut bacteria. It's worth noting how powerful it is.

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