Best detox methods for low-carb weight loss?

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I seem to have let myself go in the carb department. Kind of a joke by most people's standards, as I've only gained 5-10 lbs, but it seems like I have been eating a lot of carbs by my usual standards—just because I can, really.

I'm now hovering in the 185-190 lb. range; I'm 5'11½. Not happy with the midsection at the moment. I have been down to 170 on a low-carb (50-100 g/day) diet. 160 on a zero-carb diet. Virtually no body fat at those levels, which was unhealthy and why I started eating more carbs. Eating more carbs seemed to help with my gut problems for awhile, but now it seems I'm getting bloated and suffering from excess carbs.

I have been eating about a cup of rice at lunch, with some random carrots and starchy veggies. At night, I really go to town, and just eat plantains till I can't anymore. My wife also makes me arrowroot-carrot pancakes at lunch which I simply murder (roughly 3x a week). There's also these chocolate-arrowroot pancakes and chocolate gummy bears she makes with maple syrup that I likewise decimate.

SIDE: My morning meal is 2.5 cups of butter coffee (only 2 tablespoons), and a shake that has 5g l-glutamine (which helps with my food allergies a lot!), collagen, eggs, butter, and stevia. Quick side question here about l-glutamine and insulin response. I will be taking the l-glutamine instead before dinner, because I think it's been spiking my insulin in the morning.

So I'm going to lower my carbs a little bit again and try to lean out some.

Just going to get rid of the rice and then half my plantain serving size at night. Up the fat, always, to make up the hunger difference. Maybe a little more meat and eggs than usual (but not too much). If I can find good avocados, I will try and eat one of those every meal like I used to (but they all taste rotten to me for the past 2 years). Should do the trick.

Also—disclaimer: I've been going to sleep too late and then not getting enough sleep for the past couple weeks, and I've had these choppy sleep patterns for a few months really (and really my whole life). From my understanding, this can mess up your hormones in a way that makes you gain weight and get inflamed (flab). This is another approach I will be employing.

Again, I'm only cutting out about half of my carb intake. Yesterday, I did it for just one day, and felt great, so I anticipate this going well. This morning, I felt incredibly slim.

Is there any supplemental advice anyone has for weight loss detox on lower carbs? I know a lot of people drink tons of water (in the morning?) to help flush the toxins. Also, I know that activated charcoal and liver support (milk thistle/artichoke extract) are prized in periods of fat dumping. Anything else I'm forgetting?



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    @Jason Miller said:
    I didn’t read where there were any toxins in your menu that require detoxing, so no need to detox. If you feel your liver/kidney isn’t functioning then see a doctor to get testing/treatment.

    Doctors? What are those? But for real, I can't afford the kind of healthcare I would want, which would be osteopathic, functional, or naturopathic. Just have to hack.

    Anytime you're losing fat, it is stressful on the liver and gallbladder. I learned this from very mainstream sources, and many have confirmed that rapid fat loss often messes up your gallbladder.

    I experienced this very vividly, having lost 60 lbs in a month from mold exposure, acid-reducing medication side effects, and severe food intolerances. My gallbladder ejection fraction was 18%. I countered it by raising carbs to counter the weight loss, and raising fat (to stimulate the squeeze of the gallbladder). I also used artichoke extract. I always tell people to use milk thistle and/or artichoke extract to help deal with the sudden weight loss' stress on the gallbladder, because it certainly has helped me. Was wondering if there was anything else known to ease this effect.

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