Has anyone every experience loose stools while using the Brain Octane Oil

Hello, I am doing a 16 hour interment fast from 7pm-12pm. I use 3 teaspoons=1 tablespoon of Brain Octane Oil in the mornings with a hot cup of water and a lemon. I don't eat nothing until about 12pm for lunch. After I eat lunch, I immediately have to go to the rest room.

1.) Does this Brain Octane Oil cause diarrhea and is meant to flush you out?

2.) Am I only supposed to be eating certain food while using the Brain Octane Oil?

3.) Am I using too much of the Brain Octane Oil?

Please let me know immediately. Maybe this particular oil isn't right for me. I use to use 1 packet of Coconut oil in my hot water before I bought the Brain Octane Oil and I didn't have any issues with that.


Yolanda J.


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