Spinach soup recipe ?

I buy spinach in bulk most of the time it goes to waste. Is there a bulletproof spinach recipe that I can make.
Thanks in advance


  • i like to cook tomato soup.

  • @ch951 to use up leftover veggies and such, i make bone broth on sundays and toss them in with the bones while simmering before the initial straining if they are going to go bad shortly. you can also add it to the broth and eat as is. if you use a lot of spinach it could be likened to a beef and spinach soup -add fresh herbs like thyme or rosemary and a bit of fresh lemon juice too. should be great to eat.

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  • I love to make ''Creamy Spanish Soup''. But, in Creamy Spanish Soup specially I used ''Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter''. And it brings special taste in this soup.

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