Is being low carb inefficient?

Hi Everyone,

I hoping someone can clarify this for me. What happens when you're following a paleo/low carb, moderate protein (15-20%) diet, in which you're eating say net 50-100g of carbs a day, something not low enough to put you in ketosis but low enough that you don't have an abundance of glucose hanging around. If you're not in ketosis but your body is also struggling to find enough glucose and is possibly using gluconeogenesis is this really an ideal state? Should I just be putting in that little extra effort to be in ketosis, increasing my carbs or are their some benefits to this low carb state?

(I would assume your body is not fat adapted at this point, I mean maybe because it's use to having fat around it becomes more efficient at using fat?)



  • You'll have to do you're own homework and then based on your goals make a decision.

    I don't think ketosis is some sort of magical metabolic state. Some people like it, others don't. Is it worth experimenting with? Probably.

    If you're happy and healthy, I would not lower my carb intake, just so that I could say I was in ketosis...then again if I was only getting 50-100g carb per day I would say I was in ketosis.

    Again, rely on how you feel. Don't over think, whether you're in gluconeogenesis or ketosis... if you're performance is good and reaching you goals, great. If not make an adjustment.


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