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Has anyone tried or have any thoughts on this product by Purium for detoxing glyphosate?
Thank you!


  • It appears from my 15mins of looking at the product and it's manufacturer's website that they make the following claims. Glyphosate has contaminated our food supply. This contamination leads to issues with gut bacteria. This product, which is essentially a HSO probiotic will help rebuild your gut and detoxify the glyphosate.

    Hso probiotoc's is a controversial topic among the alternative health and naturopathic medicine communities. A few years ago on these forums the topic was highly debated.

    I personally think that selling probiotics as some sort of glyphosate cleanse to be misleading, its efficacy is based on little or no evidence. If you do your homework on hso probiotics and probiotics in general, there are a wide range of possible effects, from nothing, to helping or hurting.

    If you are interested in your gut health, I would exhaust all dietary and lifestyle factors before taking some wacky probiotoc supplement. If diet and lifestyle can't manage your problems, consult a doctor.

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  • Thanks for your info./advice Bull.

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