Mattress Purchase Time - Ugh! Please Help

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Due to worries over VOC's, I really like the notion of a natural wool mattress, or even a latex mattress. I really don't need to inhale unhealthy substances like fire retardants and allergens of these crappy materials used in industrial mattresses.

However - that I might be moving within a year or two... so I am not wiling to cover over 1k at the moment. In reality, I'd love to put closer to $650.

So... I purchase low-end latex out of IKEA, or I forget about my first tastes, and purchase a more ordinary mattress. Maybe the Casper or even the Yogabed or the (quite similar but more company) Cocoon mattress.

IF your principal issue was VOC's... what could you do? Purchase the IKEA latex mattress (it is not beyond reproach - it's polyester and likely flame-retardants inside) or purchase a Casper kind foam foam mattress?

Thank you!


Not into springs.


  • This is what I sleep and do other things on:

    It's a bit higher priced than what you were mentioning, but they are latex and no VOC.

  • Do a search on this forum. There have been several threads about this with some good content.

    I'll tell you a short story: Over a year, I went through 10 mattresses. Natural latex, natural foam, non-toxic inner spring, blah, blah, blah blah blah THEY ALL SUCKED. So, a year+ of sleepless nights later, I am returning them and doing this:

    Plywood on a bed frame (so it's completely firm) and on top of it either buckwheat bags (make your own buckwheat mattress, look it up) or as in my case -- a Tempurpedic 3" foam topper + some good lambswool topper action for breathablility.

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