Gluten once in a while.

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Would it be much bad eating gluten once in sometime?
I know it's not good, but will it ruin all bulletproof days that I have been living?


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    No, it won't ruin all of your previous bulletproofness.

    If you don't have any clear/diagnosed issues with wheat, it's probably OK to indulge every now and then. Personally, I try to avoid wheat not because of gluten, but because wheaty foods tend to be very low in nutrients and easy to overeat. But having some now and then--especially high quality stuff--is fine in my book.

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  • To me, gluten means 3 weeks of recovery. In my case, that's stomach bloating, a bit of brain fog, and a little joint pain. Experiment with how it makes you feel by cutting it out for three weeks and then re-introducing it one day, then quitting again for 3 weeks. Take notes. Then you'll know.

  • I like baking my own sourdough bread. If you form a relationship with the culture it feels nice. sorry if that sounds too granola :D it's like keeping a pet, or a family member in the fridge.

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