14yo male Teenager with developing brain and body—what can I do to maximize intelligence?

I realize that it is not the greatest idea to mess around with one's body, but I feel that I have great potential to improve my body because I am still developing. I would like to know if any of you know some method by which I could maximize the growth of my brain and body during these teenage years? If it helps, I am probably in Tanner stage 3 or 4, because my facial and body hair is still vellus hair, but my penis has grown and I have really thick pubic hair, and my voice is somewhat deeper but not deep as a fully developed man's.



  • Plenty Omega 3´s, exercise (but stay from potential head injury!), socializing (building social skills and emotional connections), learning and reading, meditating (will help enormously with prefrontal-cortex development, a lot of other benefits), stay away from social media, TV and other dumbed down sh*t as possible (will mess with your dopaminergic system and infuse you with dumb mainstream thinking), stay away from porn (VERY IMPORTANT for developing a healthy sexuality, messes with your dopamin too (destroys motivation)) and dont let yourself get peer pressured into doing drogs (cannabis, alcohol and everything else).

    Good luck!

  • Ahh and convince your parents to practice a Bulletproof style of eating B)

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