Mold Exposure/Possible CIRS


I’m new here and I’m going absolutely insane.

Last week they found black mold in our kitchen at work. ServePro was called and they cleaned up the mold with us in the office. Our company did not tell us anything! I flipped out when I “accidentally” found out and immediately called our HR dept and OSHA. That day I left the office and refuse to go back. I immediately got a headache and sore throat. I didn’t think anything of it and thought it was all in my head. Two days later I was completely unable to swallow and felt like my esophagus was swollen shut. I tried to eat a piece of food and when it hit my stomach, it felt like knives and bricks in my chest. It was very painful and I knew there was something very wrong. I went to the ER and was seen by a GI specialist who suggested that I needed an endoscopy the next day to see why I couldn’t swallow. He thought it was weird that I had a sore throat and then esophagus issue. Got the endoscopy done and was diagnosed with Candida Esophagitis! I was floored! Yeast in my esophagus?!?! Disgusting! I started researching this and started finding out all of the different conditions mold illness/CIRS is responsible for. Then, I started looking back at the last miserable 7 years of my life. In 2011, I was diagnosed with ITP (chronic low platelet autoimmune disease), asthma, anemia, low vitamin d levels. I went to get checked out because I was feeling shortness of breath every single time I went to work. He did bloodwork and discovered all of these ailments. Mind you, before this I barely ever got sick. About six months later I was diagnosed with ADHD, anxiety and depression. I was then plagued with really bad eczema, rosacea, weight issues, and terrible joint pain and headaches, pins and needles, eye twitching, floaters, sensitivity to light while driving at night, and a slew of other things. The last year, I have suffered from such bad rage and mood swings tht I can’t even stand myself. I also have had laryngitis 4 times in the last year and a half. My kids have also suffered from severe eczema, croup, ear infections, pink eye, adhd and cognitive delays.

Fast forward to today and I am suffering from depression, severe anxiety and I think PTSD from this incident. The brain fog is so bad that I closed the car trunk on my head because I pressed the button and didn’t move out of the way. I can’t even put a sentence together if not for my adhd meds. I am back on my antidepressants and I don’t ever want to work for my company anymore. I am the top sales agent in the state and I can barely speak to a client. I’m disgusted by my company. The way they’ve acted after this and still have my coworkers going to work without testing the air is mind boggling to me. To think that I’ve been going to this job for 12 years and they haven’t protected me and my coworkers is just horrible. We have complained so many times about the air quality, the mice infestation, and lack of heat and they do nothing. Just put bandaids on everything. Now mold?! They just clean it up and keep it hush hush knowing gheres no windows or ventilation.

So, I hired a lawyer that put them on notice. We haven’t heard anything back except the head counsel asking why people haven’t complained in the past or applied for workers comp in the past. We’ve all been sick, but never knew why!

Any words of advise or encouragement would be greatly appreciated because I’m just so down and going crazy.

Thank you!!!


  • I’ve also been dealing with severe sebhorric dermatitis and a ringworm on my right hand that hasn’t gone away in 5 months despite shampoos and ointment! My hand is getting better now that I’ve been out of the office.

  • What has your diet been like for the last 15 years?

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