Does Sugar Alcohol Break A Bulletproof IF

Hey all,

This morning, I was reviewing the nutritional information of a Mocha Cold Brew Bulletproof Coffee (as purchased from the Bulletproof website) and noticed that each 330 mL serving contains 21 grams of carbohydrates including 15 g of sugar alcohol.

I was curious whether the consumption of sugar alcohol and, as a result Mocha Cold Brew Coffee in the morning will break a "Bulletproof Intermittent Fast".

Any guidance and information would be greatly appreciated.



  • I am no expert but I do know that not all sugar alcohols are the same. Here is a good article that helps explain:

    Erythritol is probably the best overall sugar alcohol as it causes less gas/bloating issues and has very little insulin response. Foods that produce little insulin response are best for staying in ketosis. I don't think Stevia is a sugar alcohol but is a good alternative to consider. I use Swerve (primarily Erythritol) and it is great.

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