Biohacking Epilepsy

Hi All,


I am currently in the process of diagnosing an issue I get sporadically (maybe once every 3 months or so) which is essentially a "Temporal Lobe Epileptic Seizure" - so far I have had EEG, ECG, MRI, Blood Tests, etc but no inconsistencies can be found. 


I am trying to find a common cause and keep a diary - the only real "link" between all of them is


- It will always happen first thing in the morning (although once it has happened once I get similar effects for the rest of the day, but morning is always the trigger)

- 3 occasions experiences passing out and shaking , usually lasts 30 seconds or so


Sleep: Sometimes when this occurs I guess I could say my sleep wasn't perfect but other times I have had sufficient sleep and still had them

Food: No real link between the meals I eat and the episodes, although they tend to happen before I am able to get up and have my first coffee

Stress: No noticeable links between stress and episodes 



Things I have incorporated



  Morning: Krill Oil (500mg), Vitamin C (2g), Magnesium(500mg), Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D Drops (10,000IU)

  Night: Magnesium (sporadically), Chamomile Tea, Honey (for sleep benefits)


Mediation: Tried to incorporate this for stress benefits in general 




Has anyone ever experienced epilepsy or know of any additional supplements which could help boost my control over these? I understand without knowing the "trigger" it's difficult to control it - I think the only real thing left is a sleep deprived EEG or EEG while sleeping - I think the difficulty is they need to monitor me when it happens, and as it is so infrequent it's difficult to catch the right time.






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