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  • Two things I'd like to add that really helped me. First is staying hydrated, almost NO ONE gets enough water, it's so easy to forget to get your water in!! Next you have to get enough protein, people often get fixated on this thing or that - gluten free, low carb, whatever, but very often we tend to forget the protein! Everybody needs protein, it's not just for building big muscles, you need it for brain fog, skin health, even hair growth. "Older" adults very often find themselves not getting enough protein cause (let's face it) it can get unpleasant eating all that meat or dairy... we don't realize protein shakes can be a great alternative way to get that protein in. There's all kinds of really good quality protein powders you can use in your shakes, some are even vegan if you're into that! PS. Sometimes I like to mix a little ice cream into mine, shhh don't tell anyone!! ;)

  • Hi Everyone, Happy to see this thread. I'm Maureen and will turn 65 in four months. I share some issues with a number of women in this thread and appreciate what everyone is saying. I've just had the coffee for two days, so I'm brand new. Love that I don't get hungry AT ALL drinking this coffee. I have an interesting situation as my husband cooks--wonderfully!--and nearly all of our social activities are related to food. I have 35 pounds to lose and know I need to exercise more. Somehow exercising isn't as fun as it used to be. I tend to be sporatic in my eating/exercise regimes. One thing I'm very interested in is learning if any of you are gaining more mental clarity from drinking the coffee, following the diet, or any combination thereof. My short-term memory is starting to suffer. The rest of me is pretty healthy, I'm happy to say.

  • Hello. 65 year old woman here. Started a modified BP lifestyle a couple of years ago after suddenly gaining 20 pounds. Was humming along when a head injury (and others) set me back until I went to a local Functional Neurologist (they're not easy to find so I felt blessed to have someone so close). Long story short, back on track with personal trainer, modified BP lifestyle, growing sprouts, generally devoted to self-care. I can hardly wait for Dave's book on mitochondria and really appreciate the work he does so that I don't have to. My interest in peak performance differs from younger biohackers but I intend to be a strong, smart, juicy, and creative old woman. It's a journey ...

    I've been considering the upcoming BP Coach training but may have to wait until my caregiving responsibilities shift. I'd join a group if there was one, too. Viola

  • Oh wow I just found this thread and love it. I just turned 67 and am still lifting weights and building muscle. I love this way of eating and have done so for about 3 years. I fall off the wagon every holiday season for about 2-3 months and boy do I feel the difference. I'm just climbing back on the wagon and already feel SO much better. Back at the gym and loving it. I used to be a non competitive body builder, being married to a body builder (who was my trainer) and I completely believe in our ability to maintained a relatively youthful body. Some things you just have to accept (like skin tightness.... or lack thereof) but not the lack of muscle. I love reading all of your comments and seeing that you are interested in staying healthy and fit at this stage in life!

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    @Judiek17 said:
    btw does anyone know how to get alerts when there are new comments posted here? Thx!

    Edit profile > notification prefs.

    Also, (lol - guess I'm not as tech savvy as I think) how does one reply to these posts? I can't find anything that says "reply" or "respond". Help! :blush:

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    Looks like no one has been here in a while. I hope some of you come back! I'm a 71-year-old female and have been doing BP for about a week. My history: About 20 years ago I dropped 85 pounds (Carb Addicts Diet) in 3 years. Got down to 168; wanted to be 145. Kept on the plan absolutely strictly for 2.5 more years with no more weight loss, then began to gain. At that point I bagged that strict approach and got back down to ~170 and stayed there for about 10 years. But then there were some stressful times and I went back up to 185. Now at 180. Still want to be at 145, lol.

    Last month I discovered keto and "tried" it for 10 days before leaving on vacation. For the first time in who knows how long, I felt "home". Zero cravings from almost the beginning, never wanted to go off even when at a couple of parties (that was new!), and loved it. Weight dropped to the 180. Decided I would definitely come back to that when I got home.

    I have always loved fatty meats and it felt wonderful to freely eat them. On the keto I had been basically gorging myself on meats and cheese (dairy actually works for me) and heavy cream. I track what I eat on Fitbit and keep my macros as close to 5%/70%/20% as I can. But by the time I got home I was hearing about fat bombs and all, and I started making them. And then I started having more problems. Now my weight is not going down. (I've started measuring, just in case.) And despite the Brain Octane and/or XCT I have a bit of brain fog. I do public presentations for my business and really need to find words when I want them!

    Anyway, I have always hated coffee. But I ordered some BPC just to see if it would help. It should arrive tomorrow. (I've been making black tea for my morning drink, but I just realized that I've forgotten the tea the past two mornings!) If it seems to help me, I'll make the effort to learn to like or at least tolerate the taste of coffee.

    I love fasting (well, I love how I feel when I fast--I'd much rather eat!) and I'm never hungry (even before BP) before 11 or noon. But I do Jazzercise at 12:15 three days a week, and then sometimes I have meetings afterwards. So I have my drink by 11, then have a lunch at 2 or 3, and dinner at 6. I've been having a vanilla latte (without collagen) before bed and am definitely sleeping better. I got some collagen and have been having it in the morning, but I hate the idea of breaking the fast. So I'm still on the fence there. Since on BP I don't have cravings, and since I don't have hunger before 11 or noon whether or not I use the collagen in the mornings, I'm not sure if my age is a sufficient reason to add it in. I just went through the leptin resistance list and I seem to be in the "recovery" phase, not the actively resistant phase. Hope so.

    Oh - I did my first carb refeed day and didn't like it much. My legs (a good indicator for me of no-go foods) swelled up and I was uncomfortable. Is it really a protein fast (in which case I'd just fast) or is one actually supposed to have extra carbs?

    So. My goals would be: more mental clarity and getting to and staying at 145 pounds. Hope someone else comes in to chat!

  • Hi. Great to see someone posting.
    I am in Australia, 67 yo and found BP two and a half years ago when I had to find a diet to keep me nourished and satiated after being diagnosed coeliac. I was loosing weight and very sensitive to loads of foods, but found butter and MCT oil kept me sane. I now follow the BP principles loosely and just take notice of how I feel.

    Interestingly enough, I have now found I don't need, or can have as much fat, as my diet has expanded and I believe I have largely healed my gut. I don't want to loose the mental clarity I had previously.

    My big issue now is a moderately high calcium score and LDL cholesterol of 180, so am facing taking statins. I have no other risk factors except my age and being coeliac I suppose. Otherwise I am fit, physically active, take BP suggested supplements and don't tire easily.

    I don't want to take statins and am wondering whether cutting back on saturated fat may be an intervention to try.

    I would be grateful for any comments.

  • Hi Kris08! Delighted to see you here. Wish I could be of use to you. I also have had high cholesterol, for my entire life. (Other factors, like triglycerides, etc., perfectly fine.) I tried many, many dietary interventions for that, all to no avail. But then I found a doctor who is actually older than I am, who remembers when cholesterol levels in the 300+ range were considered normal and healthy. He says they didn't start focusing on "<100 LDL" and other benchmarks until they found (1) they could do tests for them and (2) they had the statin drugs to sell. So he supports me in my lifelong decision to refuse statins. I can't assure you that I've made the right decision, but if you decide to go that route too, at least know you have my support!

  • Thanks for that. I am not rushing into it and will keep trying different dietary tweeks to get that LDL to reduce but don't have much hope. . Good to hear about your doctor.
    My doctor lectured me on the strong correalation between high calcium score and high LDL. Which reminds me that I should research it.

  • Yes, I hope you do. I don't know anything about that and I'm not sure I've ever had calcium tested. If you can get calcium down, do you think it would lower LDL? Or are they just related but not necessarily causally.

  • Hi kathymt
    My reading indicates it is unlikely that you can reverse calcium buildup, just slow it down, and I don't think it will affect LDL. It is so multi factorial that I think you just have to make your own decisions. I have been asked to join a research project for otherwise healthy people with a high calcium score and will find out in a few weeks whether I have been accepted. That way I will be randomly assigned to either statins or not. Either way I will be monitored and happy to take part if it helps our collective knowledge.

    I don't know whether you were addressing me dresno, but I have a Fitbit and am loving it. The best part was seeing my sleep patterns and especially how they affected my sleep. I also use Cronometer to work out nutrients which I have to keep an eye on.

  • Greetings All,
    I’ve been keto eating since May. And have only gained 8 lbs. it could be worse I suppose but for a soon to be 60 y.o. Woman who has lived body image conscious 80% of her life , I am truthfully on the edge. There have been several huge life events so cortisol May be high. My question is whether anyone has stopped taking bio identical hormones and felt horrible. I am thinking the weight gain , insomnia and hot flashes are related. Most definitely the hot flashes. My gynecologist recommended stopping hormones cause of a fibroid. My integrative doc wanted to up progesterone. They clearly don’t see eye to eye
    I broke 4 vertebrae in horse back riding accident and the care was mismanaged, this my reluctance of dr. Plus work in medical profession. I have gained 15 lbs. . Never been this heavy since I was pregnant. Had a dead scan type analysis = 133 lbs. BF was 35% dear god! I found a chiropractor who is versed in ketogenic diet (mark sisson School) who I hope to work with. I am skinny fat. I train pretty hard , cardio, weight lift with trainer. Yoga,
    Love the post menopause groups. I started back on Bioidenticals I last night thinking the weight gain is related, most definitely the feeling of wellness.
    I eat 75% fat, 20%protein, and 5% carb. Give or take.

    And suggestions experience and hope and experience is appreciated
    Blessings to All

  • Hi, I'm 71 years old and I've been of the bulletproof for only 5 days. So far I've lost ten pounds in the five day period so that will keep me on it. I start off with my own version of bulletproof coffee which consists of coffee, coconut oil, butter and turmeric golden paste that I made from fresh roots. I then eat around 1pm which is meat and a vegetable smothered in butter. I have a second cup of my own bulletproof coffee around 4pm. I haven't really been hungry so haven't added a second meal but I will eventually.

  • This is day thirteen and I think I've done really well but for swelling in the hands the last 4 days. It was first the right and then this morning the left hand started having a little swelling. I'm adding extra water. Not really painful but I'm 71 and wondered what is going on?

  • Hi All! I too am a baby boomer - 61 years young. I just stated on this - Day 3. I am very excited about it. The food is no prob - have always been on a food plan. I think the fasting idea is great - I just had 2 teaspoon of the oil and I am sing the pour over method for the first time ever. I ordered a grinder. So getting it all together. I just read that a pinch of salt helps thirstiness. Used to drink water with mother's vinegar but stopped because it wasn't on the list. I think I will do that tomorrow with a pinch of sea salt. I'm 5'5 and 135 pounds. I pole dance and ride a Harley so not succumbing to age certainly not! I have autoimmune issues and food intolerances. I am doing well so far.


  • I am 66 +...started the keto diet/lifestyle 3 weeks ago and really enjoying it. I feel better and having less joint pains and heart palpitations.


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