Hacking Epstein Barr, Leaky Gut And Food Sensitivities

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I've been trying to repair my gut for the better part of this year with pre and pro biotics, colostrum and avoiding foods I am sensitive to, which is a long list!


First off, taking into account casein and whey allergy do you have any recommendations on:


Shelf Stable Probiotics - Caprabiotics AdvancedPrescript Assist or EXOS Probiotics?

Protein Powder with essential amino acids?


Although if I ever resolve my gut and food sensitivities it sounds like I may still have more repairing to do:


Any thoughts on on Dr. Alejandro Junger, Anthony William and The Medical Medium, which points to the epstein barr virus as the underlying cause of leaky gut, chronic fatigue and autoimmunity, and the detailed regimen needed to eradicate. With the growing list of leaky gut causes and the supplements needed/foods to avoid how could you not become "orthorexic" ?!




  • I don't have much feedback for you, but I am also very curious about other member's thoughts on Anthony William/Medical Medium, as I have several close friends who have experienced tremendous healing following his protocols. Many of his recomendations are quite different than BP (i.e. high fruit consumption, avoiding keto/high fat diets, avoiding coffee, whey, chocolate,eggs, etc.), but a lot of his information makes quite a bit of sense. Nutrition high in nutrients, organic, properties that lower the viral and or toxin burdens on
    the body, etc. I hope your healing journey is going well!

  • Personally, I wasn't impressed with any of the probiotics that I've taken. So the ones I would recommend would be the ones I haven't tried, like VSL#3. I've heard good things about N-Acetyl-Glucosamine, Glutamine, and Zinc Carnosine for gut health. I opened up another thread on immune health but it didn't get much action... there's vitamin C and vitamin D, but they're not the most interesting supplements for keeping viral activation at bay.

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