Is severe brain fog from seasonal mold (not water damaged building) possible?

I’m trying to figure out if I’m on the right track to solve my brain fog and other issues that’s been going on since I moved to Austin six years ago. I have the usual story, several doctors no results. I’ve always maintained that it had something to do with mold, but none of them really considered it. Here are the basics.

Q: Has anyone else experience moderate to severe symptoms from seasonal mold after a prolonged exposure earlier in life?

  • I’m 41, northern European mix, in decent shape, not doing a bulletproof diet, but started eating better, working out more and living healthier in general in the past 4 months.

  • When I started high school, I moved into the basement of my house. The basement had flooded 1-2x per year since I was born. I spent most of my time there when I wasn’t at school including sleeping. We ripped up carpet to remediate, but there must have been a ton of mold in the walls.

  • I moved to Austin, TX six years ago. Before moving, I would visit occasionally. I always noticed that I would become really dumb during my trips. I hoped it wouldn’t be a problem and moved anyway. After moving, it was hard to tell since I didn’t have an A/B comparison. I also had bad seasonal allergies and Austin is awful in that respect.

  • I’ve taken Allergy shots for the last three years including mold with measurable results and seasonal allergies have dramatically improved.

  • About three years ago, things got bad. I lost a lot of my mental capabilities. I was quantifiably worse in many ways including inability to plan, special relations, word recall, short term memory and so on. I started dropping responsibility wherever I could, falling out of touch with people, avoiding social situations, etc.

  • I’ve had countless experiences where I’m at my new lower baseline intelligence while at home, then spend time outside and be mentally crippled within an hour or so. Sometimes the brain fog lasts for days after.

  • Austin has seasonal mold all year round. It never dips below low rating on the local news report and is medium or high way too often. This often correlates with how I (and my son) respond to being outdoors.

I’ve been chasing my tail for years now. Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. I’m starting several detox strategies, but it would be really nice to find someone with similar experience. My family loves Austin and I really don’t want to move. Is there light at the end of the tunnel?


  • Following up. I was diagnosed with CIRS last week. I'll be solving that issue before figuring out the seasonal issue above.

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