Over 65

I have been bulletproof for almost a year and feel fantastic. Lost 15 pounds, have not been sick, etc. I am very active with yoga and the gym and still working. I follow Daves' supplement suggestions per his books and also use Glutathione Force daily.

My challenge is not eating after my evening meal. I still get the 'craves'.

Any advice out there?

Also- is there a specific Bulletproof anti-aging group out there??



  • Hi, I have just joined and would join a group if there was one, I am 59 and can understand about the cravings, I can go all morning not bothered at all and then after my evening meal I feel peckish and it takes all my willpower to abstain. I try and not have anything available, no crap that is, however during Christmas the house as been full of stuff some bought as presents, chocolate cakes and rubbish. I also do Yoga, start the day with the sun salutation and a headstand. Interested in anti aging I can already see my elasticity in my skin as diminished and I tire quicker so it would be good to share ideas with a group.

  • Hello. 65 year old woman here. Started a modified BP lifestyle a couple of years ago after suddenly gaining 20 pounds. Was humming along when a head injury (and others) set me back until I went to a local Functional Neurologist (they're not easy to find so I felt blessed to have someone so close). Long story short, back on track with personal trainer, modified BP lifestyle, growing sprouts, generally devoted to self-care. I can hardly wait for Dave's book on mitochondria and really appreciate the work he does so that I don't have to. My interest in peak performance differs from younger biohackers but I intend to be a strong, smart, juicy, and creative old woman. It's a journey ...

    I've been considering the upcoming BP Coach training but may have to wait until my caregiving responsibilities shift. I'd join a group if there was one, too. Viola

  • If you have Dave's book, find the recipe for the latte which is basically hot water, butter, coconut cream or coconut oil, an acceptable sweetener, and a little vanilla. There are nights when I'm so hungry that I drink two of them!!

    If that fails and I'm still starving I will have celery with a little almond butter and that does seem to work.

  • Exercising regularly is one of the most best ways to stay healthy and look young. Avoid processed food and fried food. Stay away from food names you cannot pronounce!

    It helps to go for regular facials if your budget permits. Not sure where you all are located but there are pretty amazing facial treatments in Singapore with highly competitive prices. I go to the clinic that Dr. Siew Tuck Wah runs and owns. Cosy place and therapists know what they are doing. Great place.

  • Yeah, I have trouble with snacking after the evening meal, it just doesn't seem to stop. I often use the old trick of brushing my teeth to keep me from eating.

  • Drink plenty of water to replace your cravings. For anti aging skin care I highly recommend Vitality26 organic face cream and serum. https://vitality26.com

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