Supplements - Do they break the IF??

Hi All,

I started BP a few days ago. I suffered from Chronic Fatigue last year and although 90% recovered, I am still not 100%. I am not in any way overweight but I want to be at the lower end of my weight range (so losing 7-10lbs). I went to a functional doctor who ran a full series of tests and it turns out I have a mild form of candida and possibly insulin resistance. My diet was very healthy but for the life of me my body simply didn't reflect the effort I was putting in. Anyway, so far so good. I'm IF'ing every other day or fasting 2 days and then having clean breakfast the next day as I would rather proceed with caution than to go all in after such an illness. My question however is this: on the days I do IF: I drink the BPC but I want to take my supplements as normal - I find organic ashgwanda super helpful, Vit D etc. I take pure encapsulations vitamins so I think they are the best on the market etc. liposomal Vitamin C, Glutathione etc. but I'm worried I'm breaking my fast. How does everyone use their supplements? Do you drink your BPC and then take your morning supplements? I take magnesium in the evening so that's fine but couldn't figure out whether taking the supps. breaks the fast even though Dave says in his book to take some supplements in the morning and some in the evening. Thanks to everyone in advance who replies!


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