Hacking my PVCs

I started having PVCs more than a year ago, and have been working to see what they are related to. I use a Polar H7 monitor with the Sweetbeat HRV app on my iPhone. Using the Stress monitor option of the program, the skipped beats (PVC) are very easy to see. I tried many dietary and supplement manipulations and did not find any correlation between diet or supplement intake and PVC frequency until recently. For the last many months, I'd have hundreds of PVC per day, sometimes one every three beats for minutes at a time. I was concerned about these PVCs, and in March my Stress Echo-cardiograph showed nothing pathological in my heart structure. On the stress test I reached 13-14 mets, with a peak HR of 167. This seems OK for a 75 yo male. My cardiologist said these PVC are quite common and don't worry about them since my heart structure is OK. I usually walk about 2 miles per day while breathing only through my nose. Every day the PVCs would appear on the Sweetbeat app both while relaxing before walking and during the walk. I had resigned myself to live with the PVC. when I'd feel a skipped beat, I'd see one on the App HR trace, and it became very easy to feel the skipped beat (PVC) and see the skipped beat on the App. I have been drinking one cup of Bulletproof coffee for the last year, usually adding two heaping scoops of Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein. However, a few weeks ago I substituted Great Lakes Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate and after a day or two the PVCs stopped almost completely! This is very extraordinary! It took ka day or two to realize that the only change had been to switch to the Great Lakes collagen Hydrolysate. I could hardly believe my find, so after a few days of no PVCs I used the Bulletproof Collagen instead of the Great Lakes in my coffee and within a day or two, the PVCs started again. Reverting back to the Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate the PVC stopped occurring, except for maybe once per hour or two, sometimes while I'm doing HRV breathing exercises. With Bulletproof Collagen I'd have many per minute doing the same thing. I have no idea what is different between the Bulletproof collagen Protein and the Great Lakes Protein that would cause the PVCs to go away.

Does anyone have a similar experience of stopping PVCs by substituting Great Lakes Gelatin collagen Hydrolysate for Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen Protein?


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