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Hi. I'm in my late twenties. I'm really worried about my aging skin as people keep talking that aging sets in once you hit your thirties. I'm about to touch the thirty mark. So I'm extremely worried. While slathering my nightly skincare regime last night, I'm wondering what I can do to prevent the onset of wrinkles? What should i do to fight wrinkles, sagging skin, crow's feet and fine lines. Could somebody help me out with this?


  • Use sunscreen every day, regardless of the weather or season.

  • I've been using this wireless device I got from Ebay and hands down the best thing I have ever tried on my skin for wrinkles!! It's called Skin Rejuvenator, Anti-Ageing, Vibrating Skin Massager Device By Cherie link: and I honestly see a difference to my skin. It feels tighter and has even helped with my double chin! Like I can't get over it and it's only been a little over a week! I really see a difference and I just feel so confident. It's the first thing I can actually say has worked for me. It's not even exspensive if you think about all the money you waste on anti-ageing creams when this you only buy once and it's forever! I'm so glad I got it, I'm literally going to post everywhere about it, it's that good!!!!

  • I'm 35 now. Wrinkle and fine lines are no longer my concern. Thanks to Vitality26 organic face cream and serum. Try it and see for yourself.

  • I saw the positive result after stem cell skin rejuvenation Ngraft
    They have an app where a person can easily track skin changes and compare the results

  • I did a bunch of research to find the best selling anti-aging devices you can use at any age! It is great that you are starting to think about how to stop the signs of aging in your 20's. Watch this video to get some ideas of easy things you can incorporate into your daily routine starting now.

  • Why are you worried so much? You should be happy because the medical field is getting advanced day by day. I can recommend you a very effective treatment for your aging skin. If you want a glowing skin again try stem cell therapy for skin in NYC. A stem cell has the potential to regenerate all kind of cells of the body. you'll receive the regenerative benefits of stem cell therapy. Within two weeks, you'll start to notice, plumper, more hydrated skin, fewer fine lines, and tighter skin. With stem cell therapy in NYC, we replenish the supply of stem cells to allow the body to repair and rejuvenate organs including skin.

  • The very best way is to go internally: With your thoughts, by drinking more water, by meditating, exercising. I am well into my 40's, but because I followed advice from various Sages from around the world for many years, I have not aged in over 20 years. You are in control of your body, not the creams or medicines or procedures.

    Any creams or procedures you do are (at best) only cover-ups. Within a few months or a year or two years, you will need to have higher concentrations of creams, and you will need to do another procedure. You will definitely still age. Those things are only cover-ups, and they 100% do not cause you to anti-age. They may slow time down a slight bit, but that is at best.

    1) Change your thoughts. Your mind is more powerful than your body. You need to get to a point where you do not believe in society's pressures of aging. Write down that you do not age. On paper. Stare at it every day.

    2) Meditate, so that you can bring in an influx of energy into your body. The only way to anti-age, to make it real, and to make it lasting, is to go all the way down to the cellular structure. You need energy to flood all of your cells, every day. This way, your cells are constantly repairing themselves. When they constantly repair, they do not split. And because they do not split, you do not age.

    3) Drink more water. When I first wake up, after I meditate and breathe, I drink a full glass of water. I then drink a few more full glasses of water throughout the day. I cut out all sodas. Soda is all sugar and chemicals, and if you haven't done that already, then whatever creams and procedures you are doing are a waste of time, because what you put into your body is battling the good you are doing on the outside.

    Don't get me wrong. I still drink coffee every day, and I still have some wine. I still eat sweets. I am vegetarian as well. But I can do those things with coffee and sweets, because I know the balance of my body will always be okay. My thoughts are more powerful than my body. And my thoughts make my body more powerful. The very knowing that you will not age, will make you anti-age. And by flooding your body, brain and cells with energy every day, your thoughts and body are supported.

    Again, you can try every cream and procedure in the world. But in 5 years, you will still have aged. It has to first start with your thoughts.

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    Aging is naturally a part of our lives, most of the anti-aging creams have a moisturizer basis to ensure softness of the skin and reducing the skin roughness caused by aging. Try Collagen cream for best results.

  • I recommend doing facial exercises combined with simple, consistent diet implementations, such as kale, carrots, anything with collagen.

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