Hulda Clark's Liver Clenase - Legit?

I've done some research on the liver flush that Dave has mentioned several times in podcasts/blog posts. I get an uneasy feeling from reading some of the material about Dr. Clark out there. In fact, the wikipedia article gives me the impression she had character problems. So I get a little hesitant about going through the liver cleanse program and possibly doing some damage. It would be great if Dave really dug into this one and provided some more background and context, for us with sluggish livers out here.

A few questions I can't seem to get a good answer to:

1) Is it necessary to first do the parasite cleanse, zapping, and kidney cleanse as she suggests. Have you done this? Experiences? (

2) Is this Dr. Clark person legit? She's gotten a lot of bad press (just search google). Maybe it doesn't matter wrt this liver cleanse?

3) I think Dave mentioned in one podcast he has done this cleanse ~20 times. Why? Could it be that it would take 20 times to clean up a sluggish liver, or is this more of a maintenance program? Once you're cleaned up, shouldn't a good BP diet keep things cleaned up, thus no need for further cleanses?

I hope maybe them Dave can weigh in on these questions, or hit them with a good detailed blog post. I'm definitely interested because I think I have a sluggish liver (as I'm sure many of us do), but I want to understand this better before moving forward.


  • Hello,


    You may want to check out They have their version of the liver cleanse for free on the website. It is similar to Dr. Clark's but not as harsh and that is why I chose it. The epsom salt thing kind of scared me; I've heard bad things about that.


    I have done this cleanse one time and let me tell you - it works. I can safely say I passed over 200 stones painlessly. I plan to do it again soon.


    This may be a no-no for some people depending on their thoughts about apple juice, but to me, 4 days now and then is worth it unless I find something better.

  • So how exactly does this work? Any science behind it?
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  • I was having a lot of pain in my upper stomach bloating, extreme full filling and acid reflux. It just all of sudden came on all at once. I started seeing a gastro specialist and he scoped both my ends. All that he found was some minor damage in my esophagus and prescribed omeprazole. This helped with my acid re-flux but that was all. Saw him for over a six month period. He couldn't find anything wrong but suggested removal of my gallbladder. I didn't like that idea at all and began to research on my own. If you google this topic you will see there is a lot of conspiracy about the nature of this surgery and the bashing of Dr Clark because she says its unnecessary. You can judge for yourself. I decided to give it a try because I thought that after 36 years of eating badly that my liver needed to be cleaned out (google images of dissected livers). I felt it worked for me but I'm not that committed to the couple of days it takes to perform and recover from.


    I've done Dr Clarks liver and gallbladder cleanse twice. I bought the actual kit and used the walnut tincture  I don't so much believe in the zapping but the tincture I do. The first cleanse I found two flukes or what appeared to be flukes and what I would call oblong cholesterol stones which I believe was flukes or parasites covered in layers of the fat and bile. Normally the stomach acid would kill the parasites but because of our really bad diets weaken the acid and get into our systems. The idea behind the tincture and zapping is that the parasites that are living in the stomach and surviving the acid will be killed by either one of these that couldn't normally be gotten to.


    So basically I shit out my brains and starved for two days. I do recommend wet wipes or hosing off as your butt hole gets a serious workout. Overall it worked. I noticed the top of my stomach where the liver and gallbladder are went down in swelling or being bloated not sure which. I was actually able to pass gas regularly, mostly burping without feeling like I was going to throw up. The kit recommends this to be done 4x, then once yearly. Couldn't commit to that much time and discomfort.

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