Avocado Oil For Cooking

Costco sells these (I think) fabulous bottles of liquid avocado oil with a smoke point of 420 degrees. My good fat radar says, "Avocado fat = good" but one of the "rules of thumb" on good fats are solid at room temp and these bottles of avocado oil are liquid.


Does anyone have any knowledge here? Is liquid avocado oil good fat or was it only made liquid by some vile process that extracts all of the goodness of avocado and replaces it the tears of sacrificed babies?


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    Cooking with any oil is generally seen as not as bulletproof as ingesting it raw. In terms of cooking oil I was always under the impression that tallow and lard are the best to cook with followed by butter, then coconut oil. MCT oil, Olive oil, and avocado oil shouldn't be cooked with, I don't recall the science/theory behind why. Something about screwing with bond sites of the fats or oxidation.


    Your good fat radar makes no sense by the way. MCT oil and olive oil are excellent fat choices and are liquid at room temperature. 


    Avocados, olives, and coconuts are essentially fiber and fat/oil. To get the most unrefined oil out of those produce all you have to do is squeeze it out of the fiber. That's all. If the bottle says that the avocado oil is unrefined and cold pressed its probably a okay. :thumbsup:

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  • Its a lot better than canola. You cant go wrong, or as wrong as using that shit as household cookin fat. What fucking debable.

  • Costco's avocado oil is refined, so it's not green and doesn't have that fruity flavor.  Still okay for cooking, but I prefer the extra virgin non-refined, especially in salad dressings and raw.

  • Use solely avocado oil for all cooking purposes. It is ideal for me because it does not change the flavor of food as it is very mild tasting as mentioned above. Also use it because olive oil should never be heated.

  • I use cold-pressed avocado oil for cooking vegetables or meat. I then use EVOO (raw) on top of food like broccoli or potatoes

  • I use mostly coconut oil for cooking, but recently found the same avo oil and have been using that as well for some things due to it's claim of the high smoke point vs olive oil which I quit subjecting to heat. Anyone heard this discussed specifically on a podcast or other verifiable yea/neigh?

  • I use avocado oil everyday, for cooking and for salads or whatever else I feel could use a little bit of oil. It is an excellent choice of lipid. You got the fats mixed up, good fats are LIQUID at room temperature (e.g. avocado oil, olive oil, fish oil). And avocado oil isn't "made vile" when it is made, it still bears great nutritional value as a healthy fat and as others have said has a mild flavor which is generally preferred. Use away!

  • Avocado is a delicious fruit and it has so many uses as such. Apart from eating it you can also use the oil extracted from the fruit on your skin. This will be beneficial in so many ways - you can clean your skin with it; you can also heal your skin with Avocado Oil . More importantly, this oil helps protect your skin from chemicals that are essentially harmful. There are several ways in which avocado can be used on your face. You can just scoop the product out by using a spoon and then make a face mask from it. For that matter, you can even use a skincare cream that has avocado oil in it.

  • My favorite Avocado Oil is Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Avohaus brand from New Zealand. The Extra Virgin flavor tastes just like a perfectly ripe avocado and is vibrant green in color, retaining all the 27 vitamins and minerals of the fresh avocado!! You can cook up to 500F or drizzle right out of the bottle on your salad...drizzle to sizzle!!! Be careful, some of the other cold pressed extra virgin avocado oils out there taste rancid or taste like old avocados because they are made by Olive Oil producers using the same equipment as they use to make olive oil...completely different process for avocado oil...due to high oxidation rates in avocado vs olives, you cannot expose the flesh or fruit of the avocado to air or light, unlike the olive oil extraction process which can be fully exposed...gotta use specialized equipment or else rancidity sits in and the oil decomposes in the bottle on the shelf

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