CBD - dosage, %age, timing, efffectiveness

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CBD promises a lot of benefits and lately I have been trying to get into it.

Does anyone have a link to a very in depth, science backed article for an overview of effects, effective dosing, etc.!?

I have 2 specific questions:

  1. I have heard that CBD is actually only really effective if there is some THC left in it, because THC is somehow needed to get the CBD to the receptors or something along that line...
  2. What is the "normal" / recommended dosage per day - and what is, based on the effects, a good time to take it!?
  3. Is there a difference between hemp seed derived CBD and cannabis derived CBD!?

Evening to promote sleep?
Doesnt matter!?

I have purchased a CBD Oil that has 15mg per 15 drops and says to take max. 15 drops up to two times per day.

Is that normal/ok/good !?!

Are there effects that "happen" dose dependent?
Is there information on how long in a row one has to take it to get certain benefits!?

Kind regards and thank you so far



  • There are various reasons why people take CBD oil. I use it for migraine attacks. This is usually a few drops under the tongue. I would advise you to click here for info. I use this remedy for headage at any time of the day. Try first to read the full information from various sources. Then you can compare with the reviews and choose your method.

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