What Is Your Daily Bulletproof Routine And How Did It Change You?



  • Monday through Friday:

    6:45: Take a tbsp of l-glutamine and drink water with himalayan sea salt.


    7 AM - Prepare BPC w/ cinnamon, colostrum, cacao butter, cacao nibs, and vanilla powder.


    7:15 AM - Shower, while I let my scorching hot coffee cool off some.


    7:30 AM - Drink coffee and take my stack of supplements (zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D-3, vitamin K as MK7, probiotics)


    8:30 AM - Do water enema every other day because the colon is supposed to be your biggest elimination/detox pathway.


    2 PM - Have some lindt dark chocolate


    7 PM - Dinner, usually consisting of GF ground beef, lettuce (to create a wrap), butter, avocado, brain octane oil, bacon, eggs, and some greens.


    9 PM - More lindt dark chocolate. Take a few other supplements


    9:30 PM - Apply Alitura mask.


    10 PM - Do an emwave session while surfing the web.


    11 PM - Sleep


    *My carb intake is extremely low during the week.



    Saturday (Carb refeed day)

    I don't really have a set schedule, but I eat about 2 cups of white rice (50 grams of carbs), 1 sweetpotato (26 grams of carbs), and a bunch of fats and meats.


    Since I eat virtually no carbs during the week, I probably should eat more on my refeed day.


    Sunday (Water fast)

    I neither eat nor take supplements on this day, giving my digestive system a break from the previous day. No, I'm not doing this for religious reasons; it's just a coincidence that I've chosen the lord's day.


    With regards to using the Alitura Clay Mask:  highest quality Vitamin C on the market. Growth factor-rich Colostrum drawn from grass-fed cows in their first 6 hours of milking nourishes and replenishes the skin with vital nutrients, minerals, enzymes and amino acids etc...

    Is it as good as it claims? and if you stop using it in your daily routine, how long do you notice your skin deteriorating again? You know we start to get a little worried when we look like Skeletor and have to cover up with a hoody.

  • Routine is highly variable. Non negociables are meditation twice a day in morning and evening, qi gong after each meditation. First act of day is gratitude journal/ affirmations, also last act before bed.

    Usually no breakfast, if breakfast poached eggs or bpc or just eat butter. Mocha at 10 or 11 always.

    Morning supplements are 2 grams solgar ester C, 2 grams NS krill oil, 3 NS magtech capsules, and either optinuero or NS dophamine brain food(optinuero is great but expensive, small amounts of herbs and vitamin bs acting synergistically).

    Long train to work , read paper headlines, then either dual n back or some watch some educational video (tried meditating little success).

    Before bed spirulina, honey, NS prebiotic starch. Dinner usually either beef veg potatoes or fish rice veg.Ketosis not a priority for me, train a lot and get around 300 carbs everyday, think more may be needed.

    Other activities undertaken but not part of daily routine:

    Bjj twice a week usually at one, tumeric BP whey and Green pasture CLO after each physical workout.

    Rowing tuesday evening

    Tai chi wednesday evening

    Yoga saturday and/or monday.

    kickboxing every second thurs

    light gym on wknds.

    Alcohol friday or saturday.

    Sometimes zinc, boron, lamb liver,ubquinol.
  • My routine seems highly variable too, but usually it includes a visit to the gym (or sauna), and very particular work schedule.

    I track all of my time (up to the 15 min increment) in Google calendars with coded taxonomy that can be exported and reviewed after the month, quarter etc. I also have notecards that help me to track what NEEDS to be done the next day

  • Last time I start and end my day with charging, stretching, and plank. I began to feel much better all day long and more cheerful.

  • I was greatly changed by the fact that refused fatty foods. Never felt so good. My skin has become cleaner. Starting to lose weight and it's great because I have a little extra weight. The main thing is not to miss training and then I will find balance!

  • I start to wake up earlier to make the morning exercises
    I don't eat sugar anymore)
    I like swimming
    I don't have supper after 17 pm

  • I exercise and follow my everyday diet. I've started this diet one month ago and it really seems to work.

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