Best Mct Oil Travel Container?

Title says it all (and apologies if this seems like it belongs in the travel hacking section). What are people using to travel with MCT oil?  Airplanes + oil in by bag often produces a seeping mess. I put in plastic bags but no need to waste that medium-chain-goodness.  I have a small mason jar and am considering that.



  • TJ JTJ J skratta pa klocka

    I took mine on a 24 hour Amtrak ride...Glass Jar with a tight seal. 


    I just ordered a large insulated lunch box with different zippered off sections. I'm always eating on the road.

  • I got a OXO 24oz with a push button lid from bed bath & beyond works great
  • I like the swing top glass containers with a rubber seal or a mason jar. 

  • My bad I thought you wanted container for BP coffee I missed the rest of title on my phone
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