Sunflower Seeds?

I've seen that sunflower oil doesn't rank well in the Bulletproof Diet, but where do raw organic sunflower seeds score on the color chart? I take it that you probably wouldn't want too much of these, because of the Omega 6's?

Worthy of the diet or not?


  • I would also like to know the answer to this. I've been using sunflower seed butter as part of this diet, as it shares the same fat/protein content as many other nut butters.
  • If I'm not mistaken the whole food is ok. Just not the oil. - Would be better is someone could confirm that though.
  • I'd love to see if anyone has info on this? Raw, shelled sunflower seeds are only $1.99/lb at Trader Joe's, so this would make a nice, cheap option if it's in the green. Anyone?
  • Of course. :/ Why should I be so lucky?! ;). I know macadamias are a much better choice, and I LOVE raw macadamias, but at $18/lb around here, they are a rare treat!!
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