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I'm helping a high level baseball player to implement dietary theories into his live. I'm interested in all aspects of the game from supplementation/nutrition to mental focus and composure. I believe the BP diet is perfect for the long stable endurance of pitching 5-9 innings of baseball while staying at a relatively low level BPM in regards to physical exertion. 


I am trying to take my knowledge in respect to athletic nutrition from an application level to a more scientific understanding.


Baseball and athletes is a subject matter that I plan to learn about and evolve opinions on for many years. At the beginning of this thread (today) I'm specifically contemplating:


-Is creatine an effective pitching supplement? I believe it is perfect for a batter though my current opinion for pitchers is that  I don't believe it will directly add MPH to a fastball or give a pitcher grinding late inning endurance (like fat). I leave this opinion wide open as there are a lot of good reasons for an athlete to take creatine.


-I'm also considering nutrition during long games and macro timing in general. For example bf% control is less important to me for a pitcher than mental focus/stability/controlled heart rate. I think that eating close to BP will keep pitchers around a reasonable bf%. Is eating carbs between innings of a low intensity exercise zone sport un-optimal for blood glucose levels? How do blood sugar levels effect mood, breath, focus, and composure during sport? and specifically during a sport with long breaks and timeouts?



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    Thanks for the response. They are on the road traveling in a bus for long hours, no refrigerator  no oven.  I set him up with a bp trail mix ie. macadamia, walnuts, cashews, almonds, cranberries, raspberries, grass fed jerky, and a little bit of lindt dark chocolate for post game bus ride.


    Why are the fats contained in nuts and pemmican considered ok to eat during competition? I know these are high energy foods but I have been viewing fats, including nuts, as foods to keep out of the exercise window. It's not like nuts ever bogged me down during baseball games personally but how would I explain the eating of fats during competition?

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    Thanks Jason, I've been reading The Zone...only a few chapters in it's really helping me better explain eating fat for weight loss and stable energy. It also makes your BP Athlete guide a little more clear. 


    Yea, It is kinda curious that baseball players, always concerned with shoulder inflammation, are known to down piles of sunflower seeds. The more I look at it the more it is a perfect sport for close to bulletproof ratio'd eating.

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