Working On Perfect Bp Smoothie, Help With Passion Fruit?

I've searched far and wide for a way to include passion fruit in my smoothie. I intend to use it in combination with loose leaf green tea and substitute it for the banana that I've using. Thing is: it's hard to find. Pure passion fruit is extremely expensive. 60$ for 6-8lbs, and that is still hard to find (a local market will order it for me if I want, and my boss is looking into ordering from his supplier for me). Since finding the raw fruit is so hard, I think I'm going with either an extract: or the concentrate:


Neither seem like they are completely BP. I'm leaning towards the concentrate. But from what I've heard the concentrate process can be bad. On the plus the concentrate contains no other added ingredients. The extract seems like it could work, but I can't find information on the ingredients. I'm going to contact them about that. It only contains the natural passion fruit flavors though, and doesn't seem like a pure extract. Does anybody have any thoughts on this or experience with passion fruit?


  • I use bananas for taste, but I want to substitute them with something more BP. Passion Fruit is closer to the green scale and has less sugar. I've also been told that the PF + Tea combo is delicious, so it seems like the perfect candidate.

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    I used to use blueberries. I cut them out because I'm trying to cut out as much sugar as possible. Now I just need to work out the banana. I could use blueberries, but I think passion fruit would taste better and be healthier. I'm convinced that it's the final step to my perfect BP smoothie. I'm going to keep searching till I find what I'm looking for. :mrgreen:

  • 1cup blueberries- 13g sugar, glycemic load 4

    1cup passion fruit- 26g sugar, glycemic load 14


    Where did you get that info? The sources I have say something different.

  • From my bag of blueberries, the passion was from though there was only one species to choose from( purple granadilla) you may have a different one. And I only showed the sugar content, not the total carb, if I did, passion would come out even worse in comparison.


    That's interesting. Purple passion fruits aren't the best. What I've read indicates that PF is healthier than blueberries, but I'll put in more research on this tomorrow. I might go with blueberries as a substitute for banana, though I still think PF would upgrade the taste. Dave also has PF higher on the slider scale than blue berries, but nobodies perfect. Could be a mistake.

  • What is the smoothie for? Snack? Carbs?
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    I haven't gone too much into carb research yet, though that is next on my to-do list. The smoothie is one of two meals a day that I have and it is just something I drink to increase my general health.


    Ingredients: Kale, Spinach, Ginger, Avocado, Banana, Strawberries, Spirulina, Green Powder, Loose Leaf Jasmine Tea, Hemp Oil, Coconut Oil, Maca, Cacao, Artichoke Extract, Froskohlii extract, Vanilla extract (sometimes), MCT oil (sometimes), Ghee (sometimes).


    Besides that I'll have my BP coffee and one other meal, which is usually steak or salmon with veggies, unless I'm working then that one meal becomes a not-so BP meal with black beans, tortilla and non grass fed steak.

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