Weight Loss Maintenance

I have heard countless times that the number one reason it's hard to maintain weight loss is because our bodies have a certain weight point that our bodies are constantly working to maintain. When we lose weight our bodies fight to gain that weight back to get back to that previous homeostatic weight point. The first question is, is this true? Do our bodies really work in this manner?

If this is true, is it possible to reset our bodies' homeostatic weight point to a lower and more desirable one? How many years would that take?


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    Dave does have a podcast about this, can't remember which one, but it's worth listening to them all just to find out. :smile:

    But no it's not true.

  • I think the body has plateaus that it likes to defend but it is not as fixed as popular media would have you think. I've had two in my adult life: "low 130s" and "120-ish". Both seem pretty fixed and unchangeable for at least a year or two, until they're not. image/icon_neutral.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':-|' />
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