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Hello Everyone!

This is my first post. Started on what you call bio-hacking probably 5 years ago, became seriously VLC according to Lyle McDonald's CKD protocol 4 years ago. Reading, podcasting, and online communities have moved me more towards the paleo end of the low-carb universe and Dave's approach has awakened me to the whole micotoxin inlfuence of foods and my own implementation has created a paradigm shift within a paradigm shift. I'm sure many of you can attest, Bulletproof Coffee will do that to you :)

Anyway, I am already a very successful high school teacher. I am asked regularly where I get my energy and enthusiasm, and my standard response has been sleep, diet, and exercise, and I wonder how I might interweaeve some biohacking principles into my teaching and professional communities. I am extremely interested on how adolescent brains assimilate new knowledge and on ways to improve the performance of my students. My concerns are related to giving nutritional advice that may come back to bite me when a parent hears it and being economical with classroom time.

One example of something I've already done is teaching students some quick and easy stress-reducing protocols prior to taking high-stakes assessments. Results have been positive.


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  • Hi mate,

    Would be really interested in knowing how you've been approaching the stress reducing protocols and some success stories? Particularly, how have you broached the subject to begin with?

    I look after a team of graduate engineers and to be honest i don't think that there's much that separates them from high school kids image/smile.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':)' /> I'm sure that they'd benefit from exactly the same type of guidance

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  • On the stress tip, I've showed students evidence that brain performance increases after periods of mediation. Prior to taking an assessment I turn out the lights, have all students sit quietly and put on the jazz song "Heather" by Billy Cobham. Students come out of the 8-9 minute session refreshed and a bit more confident than they had been going in.

    I also am big on the relationship piece. I recall one of the discussion on an early podcasts put forward the idea that the best coaches are the best coaches because they believe their subjects will succeed while at the same time having a genuine caring relationship. A relationship can only be built over time and its hard to articulate all the things that go into building trust among a child and their family.
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