Is Fasting A Good Way To To Back On Track After Breaking Your Diet Rules?

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I wonder how many can relate to this. After a tough week or some stress, you fall off the healthy eating wagon by eating the wrong things. Sugar, wheat, too much alcohol. I'm actually not talking about a massive binge, but enough that you're feeling fuzzy and sluggish afterwards. You want to get back to a good diet asap but the fact is that you've sentenced yourself to feeling suboptimal for 24 hours or more.

Typically, my digestion is really struggling at this point, so I don't feel like eating that much, but I'm also starved for nutrients. Will taking some probiotics help? Is it a good idea to fast?


  • I've been doing 24 hr fasts after a binge day, with a bulletproof coffee 20-24hr hrs in. That, and an ice bath shoots me right back into ketosis.
  • I've wondered this myself. I went offshore on a work assignment for one month. It was very stressful and I had to eat the food that was on the rig. I've always had problems with stress eating and I gained 18 pounds the month I was out there. I came home sluggish and feeling terrible and have had trouble jump starting the whole plan again. Maybe I will try a 24 hour fast.
  • I wonder if this would be a good time for hitting the strong probiotics and just going to as close to 100% Bulletproof as you can. (Or Whole30 or whatever works, just something squeaky clean.)
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