Using Upgraded Brain

I just ordered a bottle of upgraded brain.  What is the best way to go about using it?  Are there any other supplements that I should avoid while taking upgraded brain?  Thanks for any advice, I am a novice on this topic but definitely interested in boosting my brain power.


  • Try to get your diet as bulletproof as possible and take a look at suntouchers basic stack tutorial/guide/all around great advice. At the very very least eat your eggs/take some choline a little bit before you take your aniracetam.

  • Cool, thanks for the reply.  Is there a certain amount of choline I should be shooting for? 

  • From what I've seen it varies alot person to person, I take a 500mg choline and don't get any of the side effects people talk about but it could be different for you. With alot of the tools and advice on this forum you really need to take the time to keep track of what you take and how it makes you feel so you can fine-tune what you are taking to maximize the positive effects.

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    Any idea when Daves new upgraded brain comes in?
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    I'm with Newbie - when is the Upgraded Brain/aracitem going to come out or be re-released?
  • Bump, in for this answer as well

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