What Is The Best Ces Device Out There?



  • Nshucet -- Tell us specifically what you have run with the device and when your have used it. 

  • Btw, there is interesting related discussion going on at the Noisebridge neuro list - https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/neuro

    I've got a CES Ultra, but mostly using it for sleep.  

  • hzahza ✭✭

    I've been wondering for weeks what's been going on here.  Nshucet, how's it going?  I got derailed in some other stuff and haven't been doing much hacking lately.  I'm still very interested in the Oasis Pro, but I'd hate to move forward with it before getting some more firsthand feedback from other users like yourself.

  • What's the latest on this question?   There don't seem to be any recent (July 2013) conclusions.


    I want to be capable of the "2.5 hours a night" that Dave mentions in his original posts on sleep hacking.

    I'm thinking about purchasing the Fisher Wallace device, since it seemed to be recommended by someone who knows something about sleep (the Zeo guy).


    1. Does anyone own a Fisher Wallace?  If so, how do you find it?

    2. Can anyone comment on "the best CES machine for sleep hacking" question?   It would be great to have an update in this thread.


    Thanks in advance!

  • It doesn't look like anyone has touched this topic in a while. It seems like everyone just talks about how the Oasis helps with sleep.  Can someone who has used this for a while please comment on how they use it, if they still use it, and what benefit they see?  I don't have any specific issues, but am always looking to upgrade and I like buying gadgets.  

  • We have a thread somewhere in here dedicated to the Oasis Pro.  I've been using mine daily since late September with a single protocol (100hz) to see what effects that produces.  I got all the options including tDCS and Gamma, but I haven't used any of those functions yet and haven't finished with the 100hz experiment either, so I've been keeping quiet about it.  In the first couple of days after getting it I tried several different sessions, but the net result seemed to be a significant amount of stupidity, so I decided to keep my experimentation to one thing at a time.  


    I'm getting close to finishing with the 100hz thing, after which I'll make a brief report in the appropriate thread (once I find it) and move onto the next item, which is looking like using subDelta freqs for sleep hacking.  

  • Hey there!

    I'd like to update this thread with my experience with the modified Oasis Pro.

    First, I'm french and ordered it form healthybrain.eu, the owner, Thomas, is the official distributor of Mind Alive in Europe

    He quickly & kindly answered all my emails, and had no problem placing my order.

    The delivery took 3 days, which is quicker than if I would have ordered it from Canada.

    I commanded the Oasis Pro with doubled frequencies and the DAVID session editor. I received one with MET and, apparently,

    the tDCS feature, but not with the particular cable. As I don't need it for now, that's no problme to me, maybe I'll try in the future!

    So, for the experience part, I tried some frequencies at random the first night, but didn't feel anything.

    The morning after, I played some more with it, and understood how to program the sessions.

    Now for the more interesting part, yesterday, at night, I programmed a sub-delta session ( a lined 1,4 HZ at 50% duty cycle)

    Immediately after launching it, I felt like hit by an elephant :) , and really enjoyed this feeling, when you start to fall asleep

    I could literaly "feel" the sleep come with each tingling.

    I coupled this session with my first EarthPulse night (sleep mode 3, for those of you who own one)

    My Sleep As Android app tells me I woke up this morning after 5h21min of sleep, and 81% of deep sleep!!!

    (I'll try tonight without the EarthPulse, to see which one had the most effect on me)

    While drinking my BP coffee, I ran a personnal gamma session (which consists of an alternate 38-42 Hz for 30 min).

    I really notice a difference today. I'm a true skeptic, honestly, but I really, really feel energized!

    The experiment will continue!

  • edited August 2014

    I've read through the whole forum section and found that it ended last year. (Unfortunately)


    As such I wanted to find out if there were any updates or any added experiences with the devices.

    I happen to have the Oasis -- I bought it several years back and having recently looked into updates I came upon this forum and had read it within the past hour or two.


    I also explore L&S devices (Light and Sound) - aka - Mind Machines.  I've also looked into the Neurophone (device used for altering the way sound is received from a source to route directly to the brain. 


    I am looking to explore the Oasis Pro and also with the added features involving the tDCS.


    Not sure if anyone here has also explored working with the Biobattery or the Radiac put forward by Edgar Cayce. 


    In any event looking for new resources and updated information.

    Thank you,



  • Hi, guys, I am interested in used modified Oasis Pro to invoke lucid dreams, according to the recent research lucid dream can be induced by 40 Hz frequency.


    Here is the article http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/05/140511-lucid-dreaming-sleep-nightmares-consciousness-brain/. 




    The sweet spot was 40 Hertz. Zapping sleeping volunteers at this frequency, part of the so-called gamma wave band, led their brains to produce brain waves of the same frequency, the researchers found, which triggered lucidity 77 percent of the time, as determined by self-reports from the dreamers after they were awoken


    First I am interested in how effective will be 40 Hz frequency using earclips in inducing lucid dreams. Please try out it, and tell us how effective is it.




    Voss had previously identified the 40-Hertz currents as the possible key to lucidity. In a 2009 study, she and her colleagues studied six individuals who were trained lucid dreamers, and found that during episodes of lucidity they produced brain waves in the brain's frontal area of around 30 to 40 Hertz—much higher than is found in typical REM sleep. But the scientists did not know if the gamma waves were a cause of the lucidity or a consequence of it. The new study suggests the former.


    Second thing I am interested in is if there will be any better result with tDCS applied to the frontal lobe according to the quote or earclips is enough to get lucid dream.


    Good look to you guys, sorry for my English, I hope you will get time to try it out.

  • hzahza ✭✭

    Hi Foxfirtz, thanks for the link.  I've tried using CES with sleep on a few occasions, but mostly at the lower frequencies, and never for lucid dreaming.  I'll put this in the stack for things to try, and get back to you when I've had a chance.

  • I dont hear straight answers on a lot of this. I see a lot of ppl are in to the oasis pro but do the CES Ultra work as well?

    I dont have much money to spend and i manly want it for sleep is the CES ultra good enough or should i spend the extra money?

  • hi guys  please check this web site  http://harmonizer.ca/    can I put those frequency into oasis pro ?exactly the way it is there? they seams to have a good research and I would like to try the 40hz frequency if any expert in this can get back to me i really appreciate thanks 



    I dont hear straight answers on a lot of this. I see a lot of ppl are in to the oasis pro but do the CES Ultra work as well?

    I dont have much money to spend and i manly want it for sleep is the CES ultra good enough or should i spend the extra money?

    and yes my friend I have ces ultra 100hz and I use 30 minutes before sleeping and it works for me .if you only want to help to sleep just that will do the trick try to buy it on second hand to me honest the device is really good and with a good care will last for many many years 

  • i found a cheap CES device, under 100 $, on aliexpress, what do you guys make of it?




    (this is my first post, i registered to ask your opinion on this device)


    here's another one, 180 $, working via phone app that lets you choose specifics



  • I believe they do work. I was dubious abut these things for years. But then I thought I'll try one and see what happens. I didn't want to waste too much money so I found a rather low cost one called 'The Bumble Bee' from Taiwan. You should be able to find it on Ebay and Esty as well. They were priced around 65-70 USD (about 1 year ago). Came with an instruction manual/user guide that has a few protocols you can try. The one I bought used a 9 volt battery. But now I think they use those small 23A 12 volt batteries.

    I still use mine. Mostly for feeling positive and 'bright' and I like its massaging effect it has on my temples. You can feel it 'patting your head' but it doesn't hurt. Its an usual feeling. It also seems to relieve headaches. I don't know how, but it does for me anyway. I have also used it when studying and it honestly seems to give me a clear path of though when I study. Keeps me focused. Which is really helpful. You may also experience a blue flashing kind of 'police lights' in your vision as it pulses away. Like there is a police car behind you. Nothing harmful. Kind of cool. My guess the pulses are picked up by your optic nerves. But harmless.

    Give them a go I say. You can read about this stuff until you go blue in the face. Fact is everyone has a different opinion. So just try one. Then you will have the answer. I am satisfied with mine.

    Goodluck with your search.

    @Stu_UK said:
    I'm looking to get a CES device and really want to understand what is the best one.

    I have looked at the Fisher Wallace one and the Alpha Stim.

    Can anyone recomend any devices?

  • Hi there,

    Does anyone know how a ces machine compares to just binaural beats?


  • I found a new version of 'The Bumble Bee' that I wrote about previously called 'Bumble Bee Pro' now available. It's a broad frequency CES device. I bought one on Ebay and it's much more powerful than it's predecessor, also uses a mains power adapter 110-240 V 50/60 Hz. So no more batteries. And still very low cost compared to others on the market. But the quality is good. Here's where I got it:



  • –On behalf of Alpha-Stim, the page below includes loads of clinical research on the effectiveness of the device.



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