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  • Hi Aaron,


    I agree we are getting fucked by governments and big corporations,and banks.You pay tax on your income,buy some shares,make a profit,pay more tax on money you have already paid tax on.You put money in your super to save for retirement and the bastards tax you on it.The Fed Reserve is exporting inflation everywhere and every country is trying to devalue their currency in a race to the bottom.I've had enough of rat race and are looking very soon to go back to NZ and live a minimalist lifestyle where you don't earn enough to pay tax,do heaps of hunting and fishing(NZ has sensible gun laws not like the draconian ones here in Oz) and basically drop out.Buy a block of land backing onto bush .I realise everyone can't do this,especially if married or have kids.A really good book/kindle book on living minimalist lifestyle(US based) is "Enjoy the Decline" by Aaron Clarey(Captain Capitalism).Mate I could rant for ages,grumpy old man syndrome but enough.




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    Girls scout cookies are BP, right? And so are Choco Taco's? I didn't see any sign about the ice cream being from grass fed cows but I think the 'taco' shell is made from coconut flour and xylitol.

  • Aaron, why don't you talk about how its a haven for pedos in your parts?

  • ^because nobody (excepting you, perhaps) wants to discuss such ugliness?  just a thought ;)

  • ^because nobody (excepting you, perhaps) wants to discuss such ugliness?  just a thought ;)

    Or perhaps I'm standing up to a bully.  Are you a bully too?

  • aaron's locale makes him a bully?  I'm confused....



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