Brain Function Through Diet

Ive been experimenting with my diet and brain function, ive been avoiding foods as onions and garlic which ive heard effects brain function.

What kind of foods effect brain function the most?

Im a sushi chef so i eat alot of farmed salmon, everything else in my diet is fully bulletproof and everything is fine. I feel great and have no problems whatever.

But sometimes i binge and i again i wonder which foods i really should avoid for brain activity the following days. The salmon hasent changed my brain function is there other " bad food " i can eat without losing brain activity?

All the best// nick


  • Incase your interested,

    Grass fed cows are greater than factory farmed cows.

    Same goes with fish, farmed salmon is not as healthy as wild salmon.

    There is also a study done on Eating right for your blood type, taking into consideration the differences between blood types genetically given to you and how some are ancient and should consume a diet resembling ancient qualities, same with a modern diet, A/B's optimum is a different kind of diet to that of O.

    So those are a few concepts I came accross in my readings, another thing:

    The reason why factory farmed cows are bad is because of the antibiotics and steroids they pump them with, so just be careful when purchasing foods of the shelves, because they can affect your brain in adverse ways.

    Robert ~

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress ✭✭

    I think Dave is super sensitive because of all the brain hacking he's done. I can eat lentils and nuts etc or even coffee that is probably mouldy and not have a negative effect. Grains really mess me up though.

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